Sold my car & had a Mom date!

As promised, here is dinner from Tuesday! The recipe for the alligator étouffée is HERE and the recipe for the brussels/asparagus and garlic aioli is HERE. I pretty much followed each recipe, except we didn’t use yogurt in the aiolo, we used Paleo mayo. I’m the worst with following recipes…I just like to do whatever I feel like. I’m working on it! Kind of. I also shortened the cooking time for the étouffée by about 20 minutes, but only because it seemed done (totally guessed on that one – I had never cooked alligator before!) These both were AMAZING and super easy to make. 
Jake and I were posted in Meridian Line’s Instagram! I was pretty excited. If you haven’t heard of this brand before, DEFINITELY check it out. The shirts are made from the most comfortable material EVER and the artwork is incredible. We wrapped up our Tuesday evening by watching some Parks & Rec before bed. Aspen wanted to hold hands. <3
Woke up at 5 am…checked the weather…15 degrees. Ugh. But I was a wimp yesterday, so I decided to suck it up. As I was grumbling to myself about this dang FREEZING weather, I remembered that I hadn’t worn the Altra running tights I got from Brandi – those improved my mood greatly! They were also the BOMB. My legs did not get cold at all, which I was worried about since I only had one layer on them. On top I wore my favorite Brooks base (middle picture), a super thick fleece, and an Altra windbreaker. I got a little warm on top, but only did 3 miles, so it was fine. 
After my run, we had the same breakfast as yesterday – have I mentioned that I love spring break? Then I went to hot yoga with Sam, which was the perfect way to warm up after a cold run outside. I loved having the time to do both…have I mentioned that I love spring break?! Because I do. 
After yoga, I showered real quick, met the girl that bought my car to finalize everything and turn it over to her (YAY!), then met my Momma for a quick lunch date at Aviary. We had celebratory beers, yummy brussels as an appetizer, and shared a crepe with eggs, mushroom, spinach, and onion. Oh, and pomme frites on the side. So. Yum. I tried to eat it all without Sriracha, but that’s just not how I want to live my life. ; )
After our lunch date, I cleaned the house – our girls always retreat to the safety of the bed when I get the vacuum out. I also drank ALL the coffee, because I was worn out from yoga – the class today was TOUGH. I have class this evening, so I’ll be Skyping into a classroom at Mizzou for 3 hours. The only thing getting me through this semester is knowing this is my LAST CLASS EVER. 

After class, our good friends, Josh and Val, are cooking dinner for us – wahoooo! I’m looking forward to catching up with them and getting to see their new place. Jake is cooking the side dish we are bringing, so I know it’s going to be delicious. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! Stay warm! <3 


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