So much sunshine!

My girls stayed by my side all day Sunday while I rested. See those scratch marks? That’s what happens when they drop a toy in between the mattress and the footboard. Real cool, ladies. 
I spent most of the day in bed, working on comps and feeling sorry for myself. Jake told me it was nice outside, so I sat on the patio, working on comps, still feeling sorry for myself. I really am the worst sick person ever. I have zero patience for it. And whatever sickness I have is messing with my head, so it’s taking all my energy to focus on what I’m writing for comps and everything is taking much longer than it should. At least I am getting things done, I guess! My appetite is starting to come back, so I’m taking that as a good sign! 
Jake worked most of the day on organizing the shop. The girls played outside while he worked. Lu was too busy chasing birds and lizards to let me take a picture of her. Aspen was pretty proud of the tennis ball she found. She carried it around with her the entire time I was outside. 
Before we knew it, it was time to eat. We were both craving Mexican, so we decided to just grab something. We ate out a lot more this week than we normally like to, but things have been crazy busy, so it happened! We stopped by Prima’s and were both kind of disappointed. The last few times we had been there, things were really good! But this time, we were not all that impressed. Jake got tacos and I had a taco salad. After dinner, we went to check out Ruby’s and get our groceries for the week. We didn’t spend too much time there because I wasn’t feeling all that great, but it seems like a great place. I think we will shop there for groceries more often. 
After that it was home and off to bed!

​I had some trouble sleeping, so it was an early morning of writing for me and the girls. I was pretty hungry when I woke up, so I made two eggs and some Ezekiel toast with almond butter and honey. It hit the spot! Oh, and coffee! <3 

Still feeling pretty crummy, but I needed to get some meat from Hormann’s. I threw a hat on, but definitely didn’t change out of my comfy clothes. That takes too much energy. I ran to the store super quick, then came back home and made lunch. This soup was AMAZING. Also, has anyone tried these crackers? If you haven’t, you should. The pizza flavored ones seriously taste like pizza. Super yum. 
Day 3 of re:iimmune. I can tell I’m getting a little better, my appetite is coming back, but other than that, I feel the same. I’m hoping a few more days of rest are all I need to feel healthy again! I’m also drinking all the tea and oregano oil. Read about the benefits of oregano oil HERE. It can fight cold and flu. I’ve taken it before and it seemed to shorten the cold I had…I’m hoping it works its magic this time, too!
Jake is grilling burgers tonight, so we will use this meat from Horrmann’s and shred up a zucchini, then add it to the meat mixture. I think we will also make sweet potato fries, asparagus, and brussels. 
I hope everyone is getting outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather!! I’m so glad the sun is shining. 

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