Chocolate smoothie and a TINY home! 

Definitely still recovering, but I can tell I’m on the mend. Our little one finally decided she cared about me again, so I got some good cuddles in with both girls yesterday! I am also just about finished with comps! So. Close. 
Jake’s parents gave us an AirFryer for Valentine’s Day and we just got around to using it last night. We made sweet potato fries to go with our burgers. They were really good! The AirFryer was super easy to use and to clean – all we did was cut up sweet potatoes, sprinkle some olive oil, Himalayan salt, and black pepper on all of them, then hit start. Really, really easy to use! I did two batches so we could have some for lunches, and I think I liked the second batch better. I like my fries a little burnt on the ends, so I cut the second batch into skinner strips and cooked them 3 minutes longer. They were perfect! Anyone else have any experience using an AirFryer?
Jake grilled burgers out of a combo of ground turkey and ground chicken. The mixture ended up being really soupy, but he performed some magic on the grill and they turned out to be absolutely amazing. He also grilled the leftover zucchini slices – we usually shred some zucchini into our burger meat before we cook it, and that was yummy, too. It was so nice out yesterday, but we both needed to take it easy – Jake is still recovering from his run, so we sat out in the shop with the garage door open and watched a movie while we ate. It was perfect. Very relaxing and cozy. 
I had my burger in a lettuce wrap and Jake had a whole wheat sandwich thin. This dinner was incredible! Oh, Jake also brought home some bread and butter pickles. Heck yeah – they’re my favorite! 
We went on a super short, super slow run this morning. It felt SO good to get my legs moving. I’ve been going stir crazy. Still not back to normal, but getting closer – day 4 of re:iimmune. I liked our running calendar motivational saying for the day – you don’t need to tell me twice! The girls were sticking close this morning (they’re not supposed to be on the couch…don’t tell Jake!) Lu is TERRIFIED of thunder, so she wouldn’t get very far away from me. I loved the extra cuddles. Got a lot of work finished on my comps today! Definitely feeling less stressed about them. 
Made the BEST smoothie for breakfast. It tasted JUST like a chocolate milkshake. So. Good. In those containers are chia seeds and flax seeds – I do about a tablespoon of each. Make this smoothie. You’ll LOVE it! I also added half of a frozen banana. 
Seeeee! See how delicious it looks. I want another one. 
Lunch was Paleo BBQ chicken in a wrap with yummy sweet potato fries, carrots, an orange, and bread and butter pickles. Mmmm. Still drinking all of the tea with all of the oregano oil. 
So, Jake and I are going to Arkansas this weekend for a much needed getaway! We are pumped. We are going to do some trail running/riding, some eating, some going out, and most importantly – some relaxing. : ) Also, we are staying in a tiny home! How cute is this?? Has anyone ever vacationed in a tiny home? I think it’s going to be perfect!


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