First run with my new Garmin & when food graters go rogue…

Jake’s little sister, Chelsea, is the sweetest. She has been sending us texts like this one all week. I love them! She is always so positive and has such an inspiring outlook on life. I love being name twins with her! <3 
I LOVE to-do lists…I wouldn’t get anything accomplished without them. I also love being so close to crossing off everything for this week! I feel like I’m a little behind on grading for some of the college courses I teach, so I’m working really hard this week to get feedback and grades back to students. Grading never ends! Ever. 
I got this text from Brandi yesterday afternoon. She knew I was anxiously awaiting this package!!! She’s the best!
Sometimes you just need to grab a quick beer after school before you get your lashes done. Getting lashes is probably the one thing I can’t go without. They save me so much time in the mornings and I hardly wear any make-up anymore. I love them! Ashleigh at Lash Lab is amazing and she does the BEST work. 
Then I rushed home to my new baby!!! Look how pretty she is. I couldn’t wait to get everything unwrapped and charged. 
I was a little worried about the size of the Garmin since I’ve gotten used to my Apple Watch, but I think I’m going to really like it! The 735XT hardly weighs anything; I wasn’t expecting it to be so light. 
Even charging she looks pretty! 
We had the same dinner we had Tuesday – one-pan Paleo balsamic chicken & veggies. Mmm mmm mmmmm. I may have eaten too much…I was stuffed after this. It’s just SO yummy. I posted the recipe under Eats, so check it out if you want an easy, quick, healthy meal. 
I want to do this with our girls. Jake just rolled his eyes when I showed him. I’m going to take that as a yes! ; )
Aspen was tired, but needed to keep her bone within reach, I guess. She HAS to sleep underneath some type of blanket. We have some very high maintenance pooches. But I wouldn’t want them any other way! I love how she has her legs crossed. She’s very proper. 
I think Jake was watching bike videos…shocker, I know! 
Here’s the other high maintenance one. Um, why aren’t you guys playing with me?
Woke up early, ready to try out my new watch!! I was tired this morning, so I felt like I was dragging my feet on getting out the door to run. But after a little coffee chugging, I made it happen. 
I got 5 miles in and a mile cool down. I struggled with those 5 miles. REALLY struggled. I just felt heavy the whole time and at one point, my legs were so dead I thought I was going to just fall over. But, I got it in and will probably hit up some hot yoga after school to get a good stretch in. 
So, for the past couple of days, every time I use the toaster, I say to myself, “You should wash that grater so you can move it before you cut yourself.” Every dang time. Well, it finally happened this morning. I took a chunk out of my finger. Eye-roll. I’m going to blame my Momma because she got the grater for me. Seems fair, right? The grater WILL be washed and put away today. 
Jake was pretty excited about breakfast. We love having a casserole already made – it definitely makes our mornings run a lot more smoothly! 
Bulletproof coffee and breakfast casserole for me, too! The Sriracha this morning made it SO much better than the ketchup yesterday. Sriracha is definitely a staple for me. 
It’s Friday Eve!!! This week has flown by for me, which is kind of surprising. I usually feel like the closer we get to school being out, the slower the days and weeks go by. Especially after spring break! But the days are zooming and I’m not going to complain! 
We are going to dinner with our friends Nick and Ashleigh tonight and I can’t wait to hang out with them! Ashleigh owns Lash Lab, and even though I just saw her yesterday, I’m still excited! We are going to Galloway, which is another staple for Jake and me. Also, funny enough, tonight one year ago, Jake asked me to meet him for a drink at Galloway (thank you, Timehop, for the memory!). It wasn’t our first date or anything; that happened a few weeks later, but I’ll never forget sitting at the bar talking to him, thinking about how awesome he was. One year later and I still think that! <3 
Happy Friday Eve, friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful day getting to do what they love!


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  1. Carmen Dorman

    Well I was going to feel bad about the grater injury but since you’re already blaming me, I’m letting it go! No more Mother-guilt. Love you 😊. Oh, I do love the watch because it’s my favorite color. ❤️

    • Chelsea

      That’s fine, Mom! I’ll let it go, I guess. 😉 I knew you’d love the watch! You’ll have to try it on. It’s awesome!

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