Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning I ran, ate breakfast, then went to yoga. It was the perfect morning! 
Then it was home to edit manuscripts and enjoy the sunshine! 
Lunch was a bunch of leftovers, but it was delicious. Also, watched a little bit of Shameless during my “lunch break” – no complaints from me! 
Jake got home from work and was pretty worn out…the girls were upset he was laying in their sun. Or they wanted to cuddle. Probably both! 
We went to Haruno for dinner – we got there in time for happy hour. They have the BEST happy hour. After we ate, we went to Barley, Wheat, and Rye for a drink on the rooftop patio. It was a fun night! 
We both got up to workout early Saturday morning – Jake had a 70 mile bike ride and I ran. After I ran, I met my friend Sam for brunch at CB Social House. It was SO good. I had the avocado toast. The sourdough bread it was on was incredible. YUM. 
Jake and I got home about the same time and we took a short nap. When we got up, I decided I was going to mow while he ran. I haven’t used a push mower in a LONG time, so I knew this was going to be interesting…
I did it!!!! I only stepped in dog poop once (sick) and killed the mower a few times. I’d say it was successful. ; )
Then we went to Pappo’s for dinner and beer! We had long trail runs in the AM, so we figured beer and pizza was the best dinner choice! I love beer flights. So much. 
Oh my gosh. We tried a new pizza and it was AMAZING. Maybe one of my new favorites. It is called the Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork. We got light cheese and it was PERFECT We stuck to their house salad, which is always incredible. 
Then we got this. Holy cow. So. GOOOOOD. 
Whoops! Good thing we had long runs in the morning. Eye-roll. We ate everything. 
Jake needed a longer run than I did, so he started early and I met him at Two Rivers. He had gotten about 8 miles in before I started running with him. He looked SO strong – I was impressed. Two Rivers is tough! We had a really nice run together, minus running out of water. It was HOT and HUMID. 
I always love looking at the route for a trail run. My knee started bothering me, so I stopped at 13 – I wanted 15, but I didn’t want to push it. 
I stretched and enjoyed my recovery shake while Jake finished his run. 
Then it was straight to Coyote’s for wings! Mmmm. The perfect recovery! ; )
Then we met some friends at Cherry Pickers, which was a blast!
Jake REFUSES to ever match, but as we were leaving the house, I realized we were matching and started cracking up. He was not thrilled, but I made him document it! 
Then it was home to cuddle the girls and go to bed! 
Lu sits like this and cries every morning when Jake leaves for work. She loves him. 
This week is a busy one, so I think it’s going to fly by! We have about a week and a half until we go to Colorado for races, so that’s exciting! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! 

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