Yikes + the best smoothie I’ve ever made + stop the comparison!

I love the Timehop app. 10 years ago today my family and I were in Chicago for a Christmas vacation. It was a blast! Here’s my sister and me – I’m sure we had either just finished eating or shopping…two of our favorite things! 
Breakfast – egg and veggie scramble, bacon, and a banana. I ate all of our Mighty Spark sausages, so I’m pretty bummed about that. They’re already on my shopping list for next week!
I am foam rolling like it’s my job right now. I have so many trigger points (knots), and we think that’s what causing the pain in my knee. I foam rolled, soaked, and stretched yesterday. Foam rolling hurts, but is SO good for us.
We polished off these burger patties yesterday. I had one for lunch and Jake had one for dinner. They were super yummy.
I literally live in yoga pants. I wore jeans to dinner the other night and it felt so weird. When it’s cold out, I definitely don’t want to wear real clothes.
This yogurt was delicious!!! I’m back to no dairy. I’ve been breaking out lately, which I think is partly due to dairy. I can have a little bit, but can’t do large amounts.
Almond butter. I could eat the entire container.
Sooo this is the weather we are looking at for our races this weekend. Not the best, HA! I am definitely dropping down from the 20-miler. My ankle is still kind of unstable and my knee has been bothering me and I don’t want to damage either one. Now I just can’t decide between the half and the 5k. I SHOULD probably just do the 5k, but I really WANT to do the half. I’ll decide at packet pick-up tonight…
Lu and I relaxed on the couch and looked at our Christmas lights while I finished up some grading yesterday. It was close to dinner time, so she really just wanted to be fed.
I wanted a sweet shake for dinner, so I had Vega chocolate. It was delicious. I added collagen, dark chocolate almond milk, superfood greens, honey, blueberries, ice, and water. It was maybe the best smoothie I’ve ever made.
Smoothies and Christmas lights. Yes, please! We headed to a Mappy Hour event last night, so I took dinner on the go.
I love this. We need to stop the comparison game. Do YOU. It’s awesome to use the incredible things that other people do as motivation for ourselves, but we can’t compare our progress/life to others. We have no idea what that person did to get where they are.

​Cheers to everyone out there working to be better! 

Lu found a new spot to rest.
I decided to sub for a little bit because I miss being in the classroom! (I used to be a classroom teacher before I resigned to finish my PhD. Middle school is my favorite age.) I submitted my application Monday and they have fast-tracked my paperwork, so I have an on-boarding appointment for today, HA! I‘m excited for some classroom time!

We are heading to Arkansas as soon as Jake gets home from work today! Like I said, I have no idea what distance I’m going to be running tomorrow, but I’m excited for an AR get-away. I’m about to go run on my new treadmill for the first time, so we will see how that goes!

We have a lot of friends racing this weekend – GOOD LUCK!!! Can’t wait to read your recaps. All the positive vibes headed your way!

Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. rebecca sudja

    Good luck! Several of my peeps are running the same race this weekend. I almost signed up last minute for the 40 miler yesterday…then I saw the weather. It was going to be my last long run before my January 5th 100k! I will just stick to COLD, frozen Kansas trails this weekend! Oh, and they are staying in an adorable cabin down there. I am jealous! Have fun!

  2. Lindsay

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope that you decided to drop down to the 5k just because I am worried that you are going to get injured and have to take a prolonged recovery period in order to get back into running! Also, you should totally plan another Chicago vacation or go even further north and maybe visit Minnesota during either the Winter (shopping at the mall of america & great restaurants) or Summer (tons of biking and hiking and running trails)!! 🙂

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