Date night + always + rain!

Does anyone know the perfect syrup to pancake ratio? Does it exist? I am still loving these pancakes, but they are a little dry, hence all the syrup…
I had a super productive day at work yesterday, but every second was spent on my computer. We are getting ready to start a new round of interventions, so I am busy looking at data and grouping students. Once students are grouped, I have to figure out which teacher they will be working with. Logistically, it’s a lot of work, but I love it. I am really loving this new role as an instructional coach. I miss being in the classroom a little, but I have gotten to spend more time working with students, so that helps.

​I took a break for lunch at some point. The day kind of flew by.

Jake and I had a date night last night, but before we went to dinner, we went to go see my Grandma. It was so nice to get to chat with her. She said she has been sleeping well and still isn’t in any pain, so that is all we can hope for. My Mom found a couple of amazing hospice nurses to stay the night shift with my Grandma, so my Mom is able to be home a little bit more. A bunch of my family is coming into town this weekend, so that will be nice to see all of them.

​After we spent some time with my Grandma, we headed to Haruno for dinner. We made it in time for their happy hour, which includes different appetizers, sushi rolls, and delicious drinks. It’s the best. We shared a couple of appetizers and we also had side salads to start.

We were both stuffed after dinner. I couldn’t finish all of my sushi, which made me sad. Everything was delicious. There’s just something about sushi that makes me so happy.
Most of my pictures with Jake have him making a funny face. Like this one. He’s lucky he’s cute.
We ran 6 miles this morning, which put me over my 1,000 mile goal! It’s exciting to see this milestone. I wonder how many more miles I can squeeze in before the end of the year…
It was raining a little bit when we started our run, but not even a mile into it, the rain stopped. It was a little chilly, but we knocked out 6 miles. We also had a new running friend join us, which makes me so happy. I love the running community in our area! Not the best picture, but our run felt really good this morning.
Jake worked all night, but he should be home about 8 AM to get some sleep. I seriously don’t know how he does what he does. I am so dang proud of him, and thankful that he is such a hard worker. I have another busy computer day at school, then will go home to try to knock out some laundry and housecleaning, then I have a meeting this evening. The days are flying by right now! I won’t get by to see my Grandma today, but I will be over there Friday after school.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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