Short & sweet: Our happy news!

Trigger warning: pregnancy announcement.

Exactly one year ago, on July 6th, 2020, we signed our contract to begin IVF treatments. It seems appropriate to share our happy news on this anniversary. We are expecting a baby boy in February of 2022!

Despite how much joy this pregnancy brings us, my heart also breaks for anyone currently struggling in their own infertility journey. I understand how hard this journey is. Infertility is a constant battle between hope and heartbreak. I am still caught between the two. When we first got the news last year that IVF was our best option, we both felt defeated. I had seen friends go through IVF and while I didn’t understand how hard it was at the time (you can’t know until you go through it), I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I had so many feelings and emotions.

This journey is incredibly difficult, and made even more difficult if someone feels alone. Please, please know, I am always here to listen, talk, cry – whatever is needed. Always. You are not alone.

If IVF and infertility have taught us anything, it is that there are no guarantees. None. Infertility can rob you of the joy good things can bring because you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop…the next bad thing to happen. So, we share this pregnancy early; I am almost 8 weeks. No matter what happens, we want to celebrate this life and give thanks to God for choosing us to be this little’s ones parents. I take comfort in knowing that NOTHING is in my control (that’s a bitter pill to swallow, huh?). God knows what is going to happen. He has taken two people who had about a 5% chance of conceiving and given us a miracle.

You can read all about our transfer HERE – I will continue to share over there. I haven’t shared on that page since the very beginning of May, so there are quite a few updates to read through. : )

Thank you, friends, for all the prayers throughout this journey – it is far from over. We love you!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Thank you for sharing. I feel like I’ve known you for years and I’ve felt part of your journey since I sent you the pineapple hat from my race in Florida a few years ago. I also love that we both share a love for Colorado and I can’t wait till you and Jake can take your little guy to the mountains to mountain bike and ski!

  2. Julie

    Congratulations on your sweet miracle! What wonderful news I read your blog from St. Charles, MO and I am so happy for you both!

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