Hill repeats + Jake’s Birthday!!

Yesterday started out with a hill workout. I felt like running at Wilson’s Creek, which is a 5-mile loop with some serious inclines. I needed to do a 3 mi warm-up, but it took about 4 miles to get to the hill I wanted, so I moved one of my cool-down miles to my warm-up. I ended up with 8 miles, which is the mileage I needed. But man, it HURT. 

​I am still loving my Body Glide for Her! It’s a life saver. 

I had forgotten about this song until it came on during my drive. I love when that happens. 
My warm-up felt really good. It started to get a little hot as I started my workout, but overall it was a gorgeous morning. 
It’s beautiful at Wilson’s Creek. 
I was just happy to be running! Sometimes I think back to when I was injured and it makes me SO grateful I am able to run right now. 
After my run, I changed super fast, grabbed my smoothie, and ran some errands. 
I came home for lunch and heated up some salmon sausages from Lucky’s. These are cheddar and jalapeño and they’re SO good. 
I finished off the pasta salad we had last week. I loved having these salad fixings around. It was so easy to throw together! Banza sent me some more noodles, so I can’t wait to share more recipes with you! 
I saw this on Instagram and loved it. Jake and I try really hard not to gossip, so this makes me feel like we are being wise. ; ) 
You can kind of see the collagen (it’s a white powder), but adding collagen to my yogurt makes this snack SO filling. 
For dinner last night, we met our families at Brew Co. I had the veggie burger, sans bun, and sweet potato fries. It was super good!
We failed to get a picture of all of us, but I sure love these people! We are so blessed we all live close to each other. 
My handsome (almost) 30 year old!!
After dinner, we met a bunch of friends at 4 By 4 for drinks. I talk about this place a lot, because we just love it, but they went above and beyond for us yesterday! I totally forgot to tell them that we wouldn’t be there until around 8 and they reserved tables for us as soon as they opened. I felt so terrible when we got there. They didn’t even get mad at me. Because they’re that awesome. So, if you tried to sit at these tables before 8, I’m SO sorry!! I’m the jerk that didn’t think about it. 

Thank you to all of our incredible friends who came to celebrate! We sure love you guys. I knew I was lucky when I got to marry Jake, but I didn’t realize that I wasn’t only getting a husband, I was getting some amazing new friends as well! <3

FINALLY got to catch up with one of my besties! 
I can’t wait to celebrate with this guy all day today! I love that his office gives them the day off for their birthday. 
TODAY is Jake’s 30th, so I’m off to celebrate my husband! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE! First stop – breakfast!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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