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My coworkers don’t know anything about personal space + earring fun + fooooood!

I was working with a few teachers via video conferencing yesterday and we all got excited about something, so we cheered. Our dogs thought we were excited about them and they jumped up to be included. Rhea stood like this and I could not stop laughing at her. She takes video conferencing VERY seriously.

Weekend Wrap-up!

What. A. Weekend! Anyone else feel like the days are all blurring together right now? I cannot keep track of what day it is to save my life. Friday morning started with some sleeping in and a delicious breakfast.

Weekend Wrap-up!

I have been craving eggs for breakfast in the AM, so that’s what I’ve been having! Have I mentioned how much I love breakfast food? It’s a lot. Eggs with ketchup, half a bagel with PB and honey, and a chicken sausage patty. Mmmm.