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Weekend Wrap-up: cheering for Jake + Aladdin + shuffleboard fun

This kid is still loving his potty. He’s not using it, but he’s a big fan of standing in it. We will have to teach him not to stand in it once he starts using it…we don’t need footprints of urine all over the house. Ha!

Virus + fish fry + baseline appointment

We thought this poor kid had Hand, Foot, and Mouth, but now I’m not sure. He was around a sweet kiddo who ended up having it, but he may have gotten lucky and only caught a mild case of it. He had a fever for a day and was pretty fussy, but he’s back to…

Weekend Wrap-up: 40 years! + I ran + IVF update

At my post op on Friday, I got cleared to run and lift! I was SO excited. I also got cleared to start our mock transfer stuff again. Not as excited about that, just because the meds make me feel so blah, but I AM ready to finish up with IVF no matter the outcome.…