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Weekend Wrap-up: pumpkin painting + hair love + play room!

I knocked out a bunch of work Friday morning while my sister watched little man for me. Once I finished up, Coop and I snuck in a run together Friday afternoon. He snoozed most of the run.

Beta results! + waiting is so hard + weekend fun

Okay, the news I know y’all are here for – we are pregnant! My first beta was 22, which is my favorite number. This first number is important, but the most important thing is that the number doubles 48 hours later. So by Thursday, we needed to see at least a 44. Both my blood…

The sweetest friends + transfer day! + PUPO

We had the most fun day Monday. Chelsea, Jayme, and their kiddos came over that morning after they dropped off the bigs at preschool. The kids played together and the moms got to chat (the best part of any play date!) Then, the weather was so amazing, we hung out outside for most of the…