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PLS + day 1 + ready for primer!

Yesterday was day 1 of my 5k a day goal. I listened to a podcast (still loving The Offie Ladies) and strolled around our neighborhood with my girls. I think they enjoyed it as much as I did.

My First Trimester Wrap-up

I share all about my first trimester HERE. We are 14 weeks today, which is crazy! This first trimester has been all about survival, being thankful, embracing changes, and falling more and more in love with our little guy. Here’s Baby B at Week 13. We get to see him again Tuesday and I cannot…

Short & sweet!

Anyone else feel like the beginning of the week drags on and on, but once we hit Thursday, it feels like it has flown by?? I have felt this way for the past month or so. My Monday-Wednesday seems to take FOREVER, but then before I know it, it’s Thursday, which feels like the end…