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Tacos always + play dates + off to Florida!

Is there ever a time when tacos aren’t enjoyable? I say no.

Surgery + “daf” + girls’ night out!

Wellllll, things have changed drastically. Wednesday afternoon about 2:30pm, I got an email from our clinic in STL saying they were canceling the HSG because they have determined the mass is indeed Hydrosalpinx. About 3pm, I get a phone call from the clinic here. The doctor here in town and I talked for 45 minutes.…

Weekend Wrap-up: hormones + 25k fun + Bentonville!

What a fun-filled weekend! We spent most of our weekend in Bentonville, which is one of our favorite places. Before we headed down on Friday, I picked up all my meds from the pharmacy for our mock transfer. I started my first medication on Sunday, so I wanted to make sure I had everything before…