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The best drink + exciting news + weekend plans!

Sometimes forced cuddles are the best cuddles.

Lame weather + girls’ night + foggy miles!

I feel like this week has been bonkers. Between the lame weather (it never stop raining), and being busy, I can’t keep the days straight. Each day seems to go by super quickly. I don’t even remember what I did Wednesday afternoon, but at some point, I had leftovers for lunch, plus a salad.

Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Our days were full of relaxing, exploring, good food, Lu’s birthday, remembering those who have served our great country, and celebrating our anniversary! Friday started off a little bittersweet as a I went to school for the last time to turn in my keys, my school-issued device, and my name…

Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend FLEW by – it was full of delicious food, a virtual race, and a productive Sunday! Friday morning started a little slow – we worked from bed, which was super relaxing – these two loved it.