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Easy meals + productivity + a laidback anniversary!

These two crack me up in the mornings. They have about 30 minutes of the zoomies, then they crash. I guess Lu wasn’t in the mood to share the dog bed with her sister… Breakfast Tuesday morning was eggwhite oats with brown sugar and peanut butter, plus some apple chicken sausage links on the side.…


Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Our days were full of relaxing, exploring, good food, Lu’s birthday, remembering those who have served our great country, and celebrating our anniversary! Friday started off a little bittersweet as a I went to school for the last time to turn in my keys, my school-issued device, and my name…

Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend FLEW by – it was full of delicious food, a virtual race, and a productive Sunday! Friday morning started a little slow – we worked from bed, which was super relaxing – these two loved it.