Weekend Wrap-up: accessories + Santa + a rough day

Jake was gone most of the weekend. He did a big run in Arkansas that he’s always wanted to do. Coop and I mostly hung at home, but we did get out to do a few things. I felt pretty terrible all day Sunday, so I was beyond thankful when Jake got home that morning. This handsome dude and I got lots of snuggle time in.

I ran a few errands Friday morning while Coop was with his nanny. I was starving, so took a chicken salad wrap in the car with me. It was delicious.

I went to my mall with my friend, Kayla, to get some foundation. I smelled pretzels the second we walked in, so I had to get one on the way out.

When I finished errands, I knocked out a few things around the house. Coop decided he needed to wear one of my hats and his sunnies. He looked so good rocking these accessories.

He then put both on me. I think it’s the upside down sunglasses that don’t quite work…ha!

Saturday morning, we headed to meet Jake’s parents for a fun Santa brunch.

Millwood had all kinds of fun things set up for the kiddos. Cool coloring sheets, cookie decorating kits, and some fun ornament making kits. Coop loved it all!

He did not love Santa. When I asked him if he thought Santa was SO cool, he immediately said, “no.” Ha!

After our Santa fun, we ran a few errands and then came home to take a nap. We both slept for two hours. It was wonderful.

After our nap, we had some chocolate, as evidenced by Coop’s face. He keeps grabbing one of the Three Wisemen from my nativity and holding it on his lap while he sits on his little potty. It cracks me up.

I just started reading this book. It’s good so far!

Sunday mornings call for chocolate chip pancakes. YUM.

I felt pretty terrible most of Sunday. I think maybe I didn’t take my medicine soon enough because I was nauseated all dang day. Jake got home about 10am. We all took a nap together, and I ended up sleeping almost four hours. I couldn’t believe it. Jake and Cooper went to Jake’s parents’ house for dinner Sunday night and I stayed home. I hated to miss our Sunday dinner, but I just needed to lay on the couch. I think I snoozed a few times. Firehouse Subs sounded good, so that’s what I grabbed for dinner. Hopefully only a few weeks left of feeling crummy. The second trimester is always so much better for me.

Happy Monday, friends!

Weekend Wrap-up: last shot + Thanksgiving + let’s catch up!

I fell off the blogging wagon last week. I haven’t felt great and things were just a little bonkers, so posts didn’t happen. We’re back today, so let’s get caught up. We had a fun and much needed play date last Tuesday. Thank you for hosting our wild bunch, Megan! Love these sweet kiddos and their awesome mamas.

Weekend Wrap-up: Costco first timers + poor Jake + celebrating our girl!

This weekend flew by. Poor Jake worked ALL weekend. We missed him, and he’s so worn out. He worked about 36 hours straight for one of the stretches. It would take me a week to recover from that. We did get to have a little fun as a family Friday night before he got called into work. We went to Costco for the first time! The pizza was delicious.

We got to see our baby! + emotional + laundry loop

We had our first ultrasound Wednesday late afternoon! I was anxious and nervous all day. Even though we had gotten positive tests and my blood work came back good, it’s still nerve wracking waiting to see if there’s really a baby. And making sure that baby is where it should be and that it’s developing like it should. I know there are no guarantees and we still have a long way to go, but seeing a baby in that first scan anyways helps my anxiety. A little.

Cheese & mayo + BOO + Halloween fun!

Why does he look so big?! I can’t handle it.

It’s beanie season and we are here for it!

I am still over here eating cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches…They are so delicious.

Snacks and books…Our favorite combo.

We headed to swim Monday evening. Coop wanted to wear his new dinosaur sunglasses.

Just a boy with a mullet and sunnies driving his dad’s van.

No glass is safe around this kid. I had to tell him twice to stop running his lips up and down this window. HA! Since he passed his two minute float, they are now working on swimming skills. He is currently learning how to kick his legs in the water.

We tried a new recipe this week, a chicken pot pie with biscuits instead of crust. It is pretty good, but Jake and I both like the crust version better. I followed THIS recipe.

It turned out pretty good, but was a little salty for us. I added a little bit of extra salt, so maybe that was my fault.

I knocked out some work while our nanny was with Coop Tuesday morning, and then big girl and I headed out for a 30 minute recovery run.

I didn’t feel great yesterday afternoon, so we watched the Halloween episode of If You Give a Mouse a Pumpkin. It’s pretty cute. Cooper loved it and lounged on the couch with me for about 30 minutes.

Coop rocking his BOO shirt.

All bundled up to head outside to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit!

We did a little bit more chalk art! I realized all of my spiders only had six legs… By the time I noticed it, I was too lazy to go back and add two more to all of them. Does that make them spooky spiders? Let’s go with that.

My parents stopped by to see Coop in his costume. He loved showing them how dinosaurs stomp around.

We were definitely not sweating in our onesies last night. I think we were all thankful we had such warm and cozy costumes!

The sweetest little Dalmatian!

We passed out candy at the end of our driveway and had the perfect set up. We had a big fire pit, a cooler with beer, and comfy chairs to sit in. Once we were by the fire, it wasn’t cold at all!

The Chelseas. <3

The cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen!

Halloween 2022 was Coop’s first Halloween! He was so little.

We have our first ultrasound this afternoon. I am still pretty anxious about it, but definitely ready to do it.

Happy Wednesday, friends!