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Matching my Momma + the second coat is donezooo + Rhea is TWO!

After my run Tuesday, I had breakfast, did a little computer work, then headed to the gym. My body felt really tired yesterday, so I decided to use today as a rest day. I think I need it! This breakfast is delicious. I love prepping a bunch of veggies to just throw in a bowl…

Weekend Wrap-up & Remembering my Grandma

My weekend was full of house projects, trail running, and a little meal prep. I am thankful we don’t have to live in the house through ALL of our projects, but I am definitely ready to only be responsible for one ‘home’. Soon! Friday morning started with breakfast and the gym.

I made it + about to prime + date night!

I survived yesterday running on two hours of sleep! I was even mildly productive. (High-fiving myself). I tried to stay busy, so that helped. I had three meetings, which were a little difficult to stay awake during since I sat for them, but other than that, the day was pretty good. I saw this on…

Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was another one where I got my days all mixed up…HA! Friday started with an open-faced breakfast sandwich and some veggies before a workout at AYB.