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It’s getting real + quick & delicious dinner + ahead of schedule

I think these are my favorite breakfast burritos ever. They have a spicy veggie sausage, mushrooms, dairy-free cheese, and egg. So. Good.

Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a great one – lots of friend and family time, productivity at the new house, and a little relaxing. Breakfast on Friday before my workout was two eggs and a waffle.

SO sore + making decisions + lots of house updates!

I took a risk and ate a bowl of chili before my lifting class yesterday…I was super hungry and didn’t want to wait until after to eat. I was nervous about that decision, but I survived! I figured it would be okay since there wasn’t any cardio. I am so ridiculously sore. The good kind…

Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday breakfast: two eggs, a veggie sausage patty, and a bluebrry waffle. Mmm. I woke up SO sore from my workout class Thursday. It definitely kicked my butt.