Protein coffee + that. was. awesome. + date night!

I had a workout class in the late morning yesterday, so Lu and I lounged in bed, answering emails, before I left. Can you tell I hadn’t washed my self tanner off yet? HA!
Breakfast. My favorite meal of the day.
I went to a new (to me) class at The Studio yesterday. It was called Ignition. The owner of The Studio, Jamie, taught it. It. Was. Awesome. I was drenched afterward. It was a crazy amazing workout and I just loved everything about it. Jamie was super cool, too. The purpose behind the class was to think about our purpose in life. Jamie emphasized that the purpose of life isn’t to find happiness – it’s to find meaning. To find meaning in our struggles. To find meaning in our failures. I LOVED that.

My my favorite quote from the morning, “It doesn’t mean Jack shit until you struggle.” Yes! Some of the best things in my life have some after a struggle – working on and finishing my PhD, training for and crossing the finish line of my first marathon. The struggle makes us who we are. The struggle makes us strong. She used this concept throughout the entire class. Any time we were nearing the end of a movement and we were struggling, she made us think about it. Made us push ourselves. “Push” is one of my running mantras. Whenever I hear or think about that word, I try to dig deeper. I just loved the whole class!! 

I was soaked afterward. It’s hard to tell here, but I was so drenched it was like taking off a one-piece swimsuit when I got home.
I was craving coffee, so I made some protein coffee with honey to tide me over until lunch.
Lunch! I added a hard-boiled egg yesterday.
Snack time is the best time.
Okay, I am obsessed. I found my next marathon (in April), so I start training the end of December. I had heard good things about this book, so I finally got a copy. I’m only three chapters in, but I LOVE it.
I did three of these four things in 2018, ha!
At 5PM every day, Lu does this. She gets right in your face and stares. It means she wants to be fed. High-maintenance?
We had a dinner date with some friends at Cesar’s last night. I only ordered two tacos, but I got three! I’ll never complain about that. YUM. Their El Pastor Taco is my favorite. (I get the tacos on a bed of lettuce. I’d rather eat tortilla chips than tortillas sometimes, so I totally binged on chips and salsa.)
We couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get a good picture, but we had a blast with these two!
Im off to run! Wish me luck! ; ) Jake and I are getting our Christmas tree tonight, so I’m excited about that! I have another Trail Sisters Springfield run Saturday morning – find us on Instagram or Facebook if you want to join! We’d love to have you!
Happy Friday, friends!

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