Weekend Wrap-up!

I can’t believe it’s February. 2019 is already going by quickly and we are just a month in. I hope your first month of the new year has been wonderful.

Friday morning started with Lu eating a stuffed zucchini out of the trash – HA! I shared a video HERE. She never gets into things, so she definitely knew she was in trouble. I had left the trash out to take it to our dumpster when Jake left for work, but before he left, he put it back into our pantry. He’s ALWAYS closing the pantry door and putting things back in there when I’m not done using them/need the door open. It drives me bonkers. Well, he did it Monday and it looks like he was right…kind of! I’ll never totally admit that. ; )

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I think I tell you that at least once a week. I always have a cup of coffee and work on my blog before I eat breakfast. I like getting something finished before eating my first meal.
I got my lashes filled Friday morning. My one guilty pleasure – lash extensions. They make me feel put together, even when I’m not…which is most of the time. I don’t get my nails or hair done anymore, so that’s how I justify my lashes. I just NEED them.
I go to Jo Ann at Acacia. She’s the best. I’ve been going to her for over a year and a half. She does an amazing job and I love getting to chat with her. I definitely consider her to be one of my friends, so I look forward to all of my appointments. This is before my fill and they still look pretty good!
After my appointment, I headed to the Y. It was a rest day from running, but I wanted to move a little and needed to lift. I got some funny looks from people while I was carrying around this book.
I did 30 easy minutes on the elliptical then lifted.
I came home and made protein coffee. All you do is put a scoop of protein in your coffee and blend. I have a small hand blender that is a life saver. It’s perfect for this! I have THIS one. It works really well and doesn’t eat up batteries. It’s only $9.95, too!
Lunch was the last of my Banza noodles, chicken, and veggies.
Friday night was date night! We went to Cesar’s, one of our favorite places here in town.
I always get two tacos, sans tortillas. I like to eat the taco mixture with chips. On Friday, I got the Al Pastor and Lengua. Lengua is tongue! It’s delicious, but I wouldn’t order it just anywhere. Cesar’s knows what they’re doing. Al Pastor is pork with pineapple and it’s a staple for me. Everything is always so fresh.
Apparently it’s obvious to people that I’m more stubborn…
The best start to Saturday? Trail time! Trail Sisters Springfield met at Two Rivers to run before going to a volunteer orientation on trail maintenance. (We love trails, so we want to give back and make sure they’re in the best condition they can be.) Our run was super fun. We had a brand new trail runner show up and she did awesome! I love watching women experience trail running for the first and totally fall in love with it. It makes me so happy!
After our run, we learned about trail maintenance, did a little trail work, then had lunch together! These burgers were delicious.
Guy, next time I tell you I want to chop my hair off, please remind me that I don’t like it short. It’s too crazy if I don’t have time to straighten it. I’m counting down the days until it’s longer. I’m holding you all accountable! Don’t let me chop it off again, okay?
Saturday night, we headed to my birth mom, Dawn’s, house for some shooting and dinner. I want to do a post soon all about my adoption. It’s a cool story and I feel very blessed. But before that happens, let’s finish talking about the weekend. Mitch, Dawn’s boyfriend, has the best shooting range set-up. He has all kinds of targets and different games to play. It’s awesome! My Dad LOVES to shoot, so he was in Heaven. Jake’s parents and step-parents joined us, too. It was a blast. I love that Jake and I each have two sets of parents. How amazing is that?
I borrowed my Mom’s pink earmuffs. She has pink everything.
Blurry picture, but here are all the gals!
The dinner we had was incredible. Mitch smoked pork for us and it was SO good. Jake and I made a brussels and potatoes dish. It also had bacon and goat cheese in it. It turned out super yummy. We cooked the brussels and potatoes in our AirFryer with the leftover bacon grease. Holy yum.
Look at all that deliciousness. Thank you, Mitch!!! <3
I could’ve eaten three more plates.
Dawn and I laughed because we both showed up wearing black chokers and black t-shirts.
Sunday morning started with breakfast and a trip to the grocery store. Jake was on a 60-mile bike ride, so I tried to get meal prep and my run finished before he got back.
Anyone else give their dog Eskimo kisses?? Lu loves it.
Mitch sent some leftover pork home with us, so that made meal prep easy for me! Jake’s lunches for the week are leftovers. : )
I made egg muffins for breakfasts. I love eating egg muffins, but I don’t love making them. No matter what I do, the muffin tin always ends up covered in egg and it’s miserable to clean. Soooo, I don’t make these very often, but I am excited to have them this week! Any tips on not making such a mess?!
The muffins finished cooking right in time for me to get my run in before Jake got home. I had 80 minute of easy miles, 6 x :20 at 7:00 with a recovery jog, then a cool-down. It was 60° when I started, so I wore shorts and a tee. I should’ve had a tank on! It felt so good outside.
I ended with 10 miles for the day and I was worn out! Those slower paces for a long period of time kill my joints/hips. I was glad I had some Skratch with me. I chugged what was left after my cool-down. I sat on our front porch for awhile after my run.
Jake got home right after I finished my run, so I made us lunch, then I went into the garage and lifted. Lifting was the LAST thing I wanted to do yesterday, but I have been so good about hitting my 3 days a week of lifting, that I wasn’t going to miss it. I was very happy when it was over. My legs were toast. Plus, Mary writes the BEST lifting plans. 
We did a few things around the house, got cleaned up, then rode our bikes to Great Escape Beer Works to meet Kallie and Coty and watch part of the Super Bowl. It was my first ride on my new bike! It’ll take some getting used to, but I really like it! Isn’t she pretty? (It’s the white one).
We ordered pizza from Imo’s, watched the half-time show, then went home. We were both worn out. We finished a Netflix show we had been watching forever (Vampire Diaries), then went to bed. I am so sad our show is over. It has 8 seasons, so I got very attached to the characters. I miss them. Anyone else feel that way when you finish a show you’ve been watching for awhile?
Today is a rest day from running, so I might go on a bike ride or go to yoga. I haven’t decided which one yet. I HAVE to start working on a chapter I’m writing for a literacy journal’s book. I’ll explain more about that once I understand it a little better…I’ve never done anything like that before, so we will see how it goes!

I think I’m going to sign-up for a 50k…any races that I should look into?! 

Happy Monday, friends!

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