Sick day + family time + here we go!

I took a legit sick day yesterday. My running coach saw my post about being sick and told me to take the day off. I was bummed because I was going to try and sneak in some trail time. So, I did nothing yesterday. I just rested. I enjoyed breakfast in bed, too. I definitely needed the off day – thankful for coaches like Carlee! <3 
I got some papers graded for one of the classes I’m teaching this semester, so that was a major plus. I also got lots of cuddles from this little nurse. Rhea got into something super sticky in our backyard, sooo she got a bath. She wasn’t happy about that.
I finished grading papers and took a break for lunch and to start a new Netflix show – Workin’ Moms. It’s pretty funny! I used some leftover Elk meat to make nachos. They were amazing. I am obsessed with this dairy- free cheese (I share it later in this post). I bought two more packets of it.
I also cleaned our bathtub. It was looking a little dingy, so it needed it.
I went to Mama Jean’s yesterday to get some more of that DF cheese (shared below). Both of them are amazing. I have had some DF cheeses that were not very good, but I am super impressed with both of these! They will now be a staple in our home. While there, I picked up more Cold & Flu shots, which are an oil and herb concoction they make there. Jake and I swear by them whenever we have colds. I also got a Champion juice. It had broccoli, kale, spinach, and other green stuff in it. It was really good and I like that it matched my hat.
Dang it.
These cheeses are the best. The one by Miyoko’s has the consistency of cream cheese and the Almond one is just like normal Pepper Jack cheese. Both of the flavors are incredible. I eat the cream cheese one with crackers or carrots. 
My Dad’s office shared this cute picture of him! He really is the best grandpa!
Jake got home from work and we decided that a little walk would be good for us and the girls. It felt good to move.
There were these super pretty little purple flowers everywhere.
We walked to 4 By 4 Brewing Co – Jake had a free beer on their Beer It Forward board. He was pretty excited about it.
Dinner was the same as Monday night, except we had tilapia instead of salmon.
I made Jake an almond milk milkshake. Holy cow. It was amazing.
I didn’t really measure stuff, whoops, but here’s the recipe. I blended it all together, filled an ice cube tray with half the mixture (I will blend the frozen pieces together to make ice cream), and then poured the other half in a glass for Jake. We put both in the freezer (the glass for about for 20 minutes) and then he drank it. It was SO delicious. I used honey and peanut butter for ours. I will leave the ice cubes of the shake mixture in the freezer until we use them. It’s so good, I don’t think they’ll last an entire week at our house….
Rhea floor cuddles.
I’m going to try and get a run in today – wish me luck! I think I’m feeling a little better…
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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