Solo trail time + this damn ankle + an old mowing secret…

This girl sure loves her Daddy.
I got to spend some time on trail yesterday, so I slept in, enjoyed breakfast, and answered emails in the morning.
Heal. Me. I woke up feeling a little bit better than I did on Tuesday, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. I took my vitamins, some medicine, and a Cold & Flu shot from Mama Jean’s.
Just headed to a trail run – me, my cramps, and my heating pad.
Pre-running band work.
It was a beautiful day yesterday. I was so happy to be out on the trails. Maybe a little too happy…keep reading. 
 I had a 70-minute easy run, and around mile 2.5, I stepped weird off of a rock and twisted my damn ankle. The same ankle I’ve been nursing back to health since my last marathon. Uuuuugh. I was SO mad. It dropped me to my knees. I sat and cried for a few minutes. It totally knocked the wind out of me, so on top of that and my anger, I had a mini tantrum. Twisted ankles are part of trail running, but man, you know when you do more than just a little twist and I definitely did. The good news – I was able to walk/run the rest of the time, so it’s nowhere near as bad as my last sprain. Just a good reminder to be careful! HERE’S the last sprain, which happened on a dang sidewalk. And HERE. Aaand HERE (this one has the best pictures, if you’re into that kind of stuff). 
Confession time – this was one of my favorite CDs when I was younger. My parent wouldn’t let me listen to the explicit version, so I bought it at Walmart and would listen to it when I mowed the yard. Because sometimes, you just NEED to explicit version. Haha! I would mow for my parents on a riding lawn mower, so I had to wear these massive headphones to be able to hear anything. Any time I would go over something bumpy, the CD would skip. Sorry, Mom and Dad! I snuck this 50 Cent CD in like 8th grade. Every time I hear this song, which was my favorite, I think about mowing.
Just a little swollen, nothing too bad! Thank goodness. It’s definitely tender.
Lunch after my run – tuna tacos. Mmmm.
Snacks on snacks.
Always wants food.
Always wants sleep.
I made THIS chicken again. It’s just SO good. And so easy! We also had broccoli with coconut aminos and sweet potato bites in the AirFryer. Mmm.
I didn’t feel like toast, but Jake had a couple of pieces with apricot preserves.
Here is one of my new favorite Lu videos. She and Aspen destroyed this frisbee, so now whenever she runs with it, it looks like a necklace. Hahahah! Rhea isn’t quite sure what to think…

After some serious frisbee playing, we sat outside and relaxed. As the sun started going down, Jake asked if I wanted to go drive around. I asked him if I would have to get out of the car. He asked why that mattered. I told him to look at me. This is what I was wearing. Super glamorous.
Two besties living their best lives. We drove around town for awhile and looked at different houses. We used to do that ALL the time.
I have a fun idea! I want your input. I’m thinking of starting a TMI post on Wednesdays or Thursdays. There’s a lot of stuff out there that people don’t talk about. I’m kind of an open book (just ask my husband or any of my girlfriends), but I try to keep it PG on here. I would have all my regular posts, but once a week, do a TMI post instead of a regular post. I can write about things that have happened to me or I’m wondering about, but people can also send in topics. They would be totally anonymous. Think about it and tell me your thoughts. I have a trial run to do next week, so we will see how it goes.

And some bummer news – I’m definitely sick. I have a sinus infection. With Jake’s job, we have this amazing feature called TELADOC. You can call a doctor 24/7. It’s awesome. Sooo, I am starting antibiotics today. Between cramps, my ankle, and this infection, I’m ready to feel good again!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Megan

    I love the TMI post idea! Sorry about your ankle – I hope it heals up quickly. I’m sure that you have done PT/exercises for it before…but if you need any ideas for strengthening/stabilizing, let me know 🙂

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Megan!
      Oh, good! Thank you! I’m going to start it next week!
      I’d love any pointers! I obviously need to change something. Ha! Thanks, lady! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Becky

    I’m sorry about your ankle and illness! Yes please to the tmi posts, it’s fun to relate to others! I was wondering if you follow any fitness blogs, I follow you and HRG but would love some other suggestions. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

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