My husband was right…+ meal prep + my longest solo bike ride!

I made some GF French toast, scrambled eggs, and turkey sausage for breakfast yesterday. It was pretty delicious. I hadn’t had French toast in a long time.
A few weeks ago, Jake suggested I use this microfiber sweeper after I vacuum just to get any of the leftover dog hair. He had used it after cleaning the floors and said it worked great. I had been using Swiffer wet pads and told him I liked the wet pads better. Well, I finally used the microfiber mop. Holy cow. It’s amazing!!! And WAY easier than the Swiffer wet pads. I immediately texted him and told him he was right. That doesn’t happen very often. ; ) I kid, I kid. He’s pretty dang smart.

​Rhea thinks the dry mop is a toy…she kept pouncing on it.

This was AFTER I vacuumed. I was shocked.
After dusting and cleaning our floors, I started on meal prep. I made chicken salad for Jake’s lunches.
I put the chicken salad on top of spinach and drizzled Sriracha on top.
After I finished his lunches, I started on breakfast. He’s having breakfast burritos with egg, turkey sausage, mushrooms, spinach, onion, and cheese. I cooked it all together then put the mixture into tortillas.
After I finished cooking, it was time for lunch. I had some chicken and brussels.
I have mentioned that my Dad is amazing with wood work. Look what he made us! I love this charcuterie board. He is so talented!
I headed out for a bike ride since my foot was still a little sore. I ended up doing my longest solo ride ever – 18 miles! It was a blast and I loved spending some time in the sunshine.
Post-ride helmet hair. Glamorous.
My sister and her hubby don’t want pictures of Eleanor’s face on social media for privacy/safety, but I wanted to show you how adorable her outfit was. I had forgotten that we gave this to her. HA! I love her little gold shoes, too. We got to see her roll over last night! I am so proud. She’s almost 4 months old.
When my Mom was younger (I can’t remember if it was high school or college), she and her family had an exchange student from Sweden live with them. We have stayed close to Vica (the exchange student) and her family and they are here visiting us this week! It’s so fun getting to spend time with them. We all got together and had dinner at my parents’ last night. I picked up some cauliflower crust pizzas from The Pitch. They were incredible.
Today is my beautiful Momma’s Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday, Carmelicious! I love you! Can’t wait to celebrate you later!
My foot feels normal today, but I’m trying to decide if I want to attempt a run or give it one more day. I NEED to run. I’m cranky without running. We will see how the day goes…
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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