All. The. Humidity. + I love sharing TRX + all the pineapple things.

I love the back of this tank. It says, “Where the ——— is the finish line?” Haha! I have thought that A LOT during races…
Our run was so humid, that we didn’t even want to touch each other after. Here’s our awkward post-run picture, thanks to Jake.
After our run, Cassie joined me for a TRX workout. It was her first time ever using TRX straps and she loved it! I get so excited when my friends like TRX. It’s the best!
Yes it’s back, back again. ; ) I bet a sweet potato would taste amazing mixed up with this…
Guys, Walmart has everything pineapple and I NEED all of it. Look at these towels!!
And this tumbler!! I need it.
I love leftovers. Jake was gone for dinner, so I decided to do a smoothie for dinner and chow down for lunch. I had the leftover bbq chicken from Sunday night and leftover meatballs from Monday night. I also made some more green beans because they were just that delicious. Recipe for meatballs and green beans HERE
I worked all morning on the computer, so when Rhea wanted cuddles, I was happy to take a break and give her some love.
I went to hot yoga in the afternoon, then came home and made a massive smoothie. It was amazing. Spinach, frozen blueberries, half a frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, collagen, dairy-free raspberry yogurt, honey, chocolate PB2, ice, and water. I topped it with chia seeds and chugged.
Jake and I had planned to run trail this morning, but when our alarms went off at 4, we decided we would take the day off. My foot is still a little sore and we were both worn out. I went back to bed for two more hours, but Jake got up and did some strength training. We haven’t been going to bed as early as we normally do – it’s hard to go to bed early when it stays light so much later! I definitely need an early bed time tonight, but it felt good to sleep in a little! I will try to get to a yoga class later today. I feel better when I’m able to move my body a little bit. 

I can’t believe tomorrow is the 4th! We have a Trail Sisters run tomorrow morning – find us HERE and HERE if you want more details! After the run, Jake and I are heading to the lake for the day. I can’t wait! What are you up to for the 4th? Any fun races or vacations? I’d love to hear!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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