All I do + my last day as a 30 year old + an awesome present!

Yesterday was my last day as a 30 year old! This is what I look like most days at school. Rushing through the halls, a ton of papers in hand, with coffee. The days at work are flying by! I am still loving this new job.
Working lunch. Always.
My dad came over to go on a bike ride with me and my friend Kayla, so I made dinner for us before we left. Jake had errands to run after work, so he met us out on the trail as we were finishing our ride. We had bison burgers topped with mushrooms and sweet potato fries on the side.
My helmet was in Jake’s truck, so I had to borrow this old one that I found in our garage. This picture makes me laugh. We had a blast riding with my Dad.
I used that hot air hairbrush for the second time and I am just as obsessed. It took me 30 minutes to dry and straighten my hair compared to the 45 that it takes if I blow dry and then use a straightener. I love this dang thing so much.
I didn’t mean to take such a creepy picture, but this is the hot air hairbrush. I got THIS one. It works SO well. Highly recommend. 
You know you have good running buddies when you text one of them and say all you want to do for your birthday is a track workout. We knocked out 6 miles, with some speed work on the track to start off my birthday. It was an awesome present! 
Our run took a little longer than we thought, so I was rushing around trying to get ready for work. I literally just used that hot air hairbrush on my sweaty hair and it worked perfectly. I’m so sad I didn’t buy one of them sooner. I just got THESE pants from Banana Republic and they are AMAZING. They feel like your’re wearing sweats. They run a little big, so if you’re between sizes, definitely size down. 
I have a meeting all day today, then a meeting after school, then dinner with my family for my birthday tonight! It’s going to be a busy day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jake has already spoiled me with some of my favorite presents. It’s a good day to be 31! I do not feel 31, sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I want to say 25. I don’t know why. I signed up for a race a while ago and put my age in as 25, and then at the end before you confirm everything, it showed the birth-date for the age I had put in, and I was so confused. HA. It did not match up to the year I was really born – 1988. It gave me a good laugh
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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