My favorite flowers + ALL the walks + I missed them!

I picked up some lilies at the store the other day and one of them bloomed yesterday. These are my all-time favorite flower. Do you like the Rhea photobomb?? HA!


My mid-morning snack was a mug of protein coffee. I love this snack, especially after an early morning run…which I did not do yesterday. Whoops. Our bed just felt extra amazing Wednesday morning. I didn’t get up until almost 7AM. Anyway, all you do to make this coffee is add a scoop of protein and a scoop of collagen to a cup of hot coffee, then use a hand blender to mix everything together. I have used a spoon to mix this up before and it doesn’t get all the way blended and is a little clumpy. I have the hand mixer below and swear by it.


I LOVE this hand mixer. I’ve had it for about two years and use it every day.

The girls and I went on walks whenever someone was looking at our house, so we got LOTS of miles in. By our last walk, they were both pretty worn out…


I got this new sweatshirt from Trail Sisters and I am OBSESSED. You can find it HERE. I love the raw hem on it and it’s super lightweight, too. They also have some new joggers…I may or may not have gotten those, too…


I managed to squeeze a short run in before lunch – I did a 3-mile progression run starting with a 10 minute mile, then an 8 minute mile, then a 7:30 mile. I listened to some tunes that I loved in high school while I ran.


We had a couple showings yesterday, so I had to be gone from the house quite a bit. In-between two showings, I inhaled my lunch – more taco pasta topped with almond cheese and salsa.


Nothing really sounded good for dinner, so I made a wrap with lettuce, turkey, ham, and lots of pickles. It was delicious.


This wrap was delicious.


So far, I am super impressed with Wisdom Panel, the genetics test we are doing for Rhea. I sent the test in on Monday and received this email last night. I am anxious to get her results back in 2-3 weeks.


Pre-run smiles. I was ready for some miles with the girls since I turned my alarm off on Tuesday and didn’t get to meet them. This weather is my absolute favorite for running – it’s a little chilly when we start, but feels SO good.


Post 6 miles with the girls – I missed them on my run Tuesday morning!


Today is the LAST day of school…so crazy! I need to go turn in my device and keys. I have to go to the DMV today…pray for me!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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