Easy meals + productivity + a laidback anniversary!

These two crack me up in the mornings. They have about 30 minutes of the zoomies, then they crash. I guess Lu wasn’t in the mood to share the dog bed with her sister…


Breakfast Tuesday morning was egg white oats with brown sugar and peanut butter, plus some apple chicken sausage links on the side. Mmm.


After breakfast, I did 6 loads of laundry and started on meal prep for the week. When I finished all of that, I hopped on the treadmill for a 4-mile run.


After my run, I had a huge spinach salad with almond cheese, ground beef, onions, and Garlic Expression dressing. I also had some bing cherries, which are one of my favorite summertime snacks.


When Jake got off work, we headed to Sunshine Bike Shop to find a new helmet for me. I loved my Liv helmet, but it was too small and I didn’t realize that when we got it. We got this Smith helmet and I am obsessed. It is SO comfortable. I cannot wait for my next ride!


Nothing really sounded good for dinner, and since we had already celebrated our anniversary on Saturday, we wanted something laidback last night. We went to Coyote’s, which hit the spot. Jake had wings and I had a pita sandwich. YUM.


It’s been awhile since I’ve used my headlamp! I went to a class at the Y from 6:30-7:30, so I got there early and ran 6 miles before meeting Becca and Brittany at the class. My run felt super good, so I was happy about that.


I finished my run and headed inside to meet the girls. We did an hour-long cross training class, which was great! It focuses on a lot of functional movement, which really helps my running.


I made zucchini blueberry muffins yesterday, but they didn’t turn out very good, so I won’t share the recipe, ha! They taste amazing, but they didn’t get very firm, so you have to eat them with a fork. I need to mess around with the recipe and try to see what I messed up. I was STARVING after my run and cross training class, so I came home and had two muffins and some chicken sausage links.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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