Seeing progress + balance + excited!

First, thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday about our IVF update. I appreciate each of you! We really are doing okay. We are lucky to have each other. We know a lot of life is out of our control…I think that is both comforting and terrifying, HA! I promise to keep everyone updated. This is not something that defines us, just something we are dealing with. <3

Next, I am SO proud of this handsome guy. He was chosen to represent Altra Red Team for the third year in a row. We have been Altra obsessed for about 5 years now. Altra has gotten us both through some of our biggest and favorite races. Jake hasn’t gotten to race or train like he would like – between COVID and our house remodel, things have been different, but I know he is chomping at the bit to get back to it. I know I am more than ready to crew for him. I love watching Jake race.

After my run yesterday, I did a little computer work before going to the gym. I ate breakfast while I worked. There’s avocado toast under all those mixed greens. I feel so much better throughout the day if I can get some kind of veggie in at breakfast.

The girls and I did a little rug lounging after breakfast.

I have been going to AYB (my gym) since the middle of October. After two rounds of egg retrievals, a ton of shots, various hormones, eating ALL the bread (nothing else sounded good), I needed a little motivation/help feeling like myself again. It has definitely taken some time and I am nowhere near where I’d like to be, but I am starting to see progress. I have gotten so much stronger, which is not only fun to see, it is also helping my running. I have always loved lifting, but I don’t really push myself. AYB is everything I needed and I 100% look forward to going each day. Right now, I am going four times a week. It’s perfect for me and the people there are amazing. I still have quite a ways to go, but I have gotten more out of AYB than I had dreamed of. Find something you love and stick to it. : ) Also, I had this lunch after the gym and it’s incredible. A chicken and veggie burrito topped with salsa and all the jalapeños.

After lunch, I took a 30-minute nap. It was wonderful and Rhea joined me. We need to get our closet doors back on…actually, we need to get all of our doors back on. We still want to paint doors, so only our bathrooms have doors right now, HA! I feel like it’s normal now not to have any doors…

Poor Jake. He headed out for a long ride, but his seat post broke a few miles in, so he had no saddle to sit on. I told him before he left I was craving Miller Lite, so he picked up a six-pack while he was out and rode home with it….with no saddle. He’s crazy.

As long as Lu can look at the window, she is happy. She has a bad habit of sitting on the top of our couch cushions to look out. It drives Jake nuts because it ruins the tops of the cushions. We are trying to break her of it, but she’s been doing it for almost 8 years…wish us luck.

Jake and his Dad went to dinner last night, so I vacuumed, did laundry, then didn’t move from the couch until bed time. Nothing sounded good for dinner, so I made a big smoothie. It was delicious. I also had one of the Miller Lites Jake brought back for me. Balance, friends. Balance.

If you’re like me and love joggers, get these. I have been on the hunt for MONTHS trying to find a pair of black joggers to replace a pair that I got paint all over and have been striking out. I think I’ve tried 8 different ones and sent them all back. These are AMAZING. I may or may not have ordered two more colors after I got the black. Click the picture for more info. 10000/10 recommend. Maybe my new favorite article of clothing.

Jake and I are having a date day today and we are excited! I am finishing up some office hours and a little work, then we are outta here!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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