You need this sauce + a heavenly massage + it’s my birthday!

We knocked out our morning 5k before heading to the gym. I am almost all caught up on my podcast, Office Ladies. They are still creating episodes, but they come out each week, so I am going to have to be patient while I wait for new ones. I better start looking at some good podcasts! If you have any recommendations, let me know!

The cutest little tushies you ever did see.

A quick computer check-in and breakfast in-between my walk and the gym. I added whipped cream to the oatmeal bake. YUM.

The gym and our 5k finished for the day! One more 5k to hit my goal of 5 a week.

Friends, you need this sauce. We love coconut aminos, but this one is their garlic sauce. Holy yum. It’s amazing! I think Price Cutter and Mama Jean’s carry it.

After lunch, the bump and I headed for a 90-minute prenatal massage. I was SO excited.

I went to Acacia and had Jana. 11/10 recommend. I think she was the best masseuse I’ve ever had! I think she does regular massages, too. If you’re looking for a good masseuse, she’s it!

I am a sucker for holiday-themed toys…the girls got some new Halloween toys. These won’t last long.

Jake got home right as I was finishing a little stroll with the girls. They were VERY excited to see him. I made them sit and wait until he got out of the car. They didn’t love that.

We had a little early birthday dinner last night at Hinode. It was delicious. I always get at least two meals out of all of this good food. I was STUFFED and didn’t even eat my steak or chicken. HA!

Chris and Brittany joined us, thanks friends! It’s always the best time when we’re together.

Brittany gave Baby B the cutest socks. These say, “If you can read this, bring my mom a coffee.” HA! She gets me…I love them so much. Thank you, Britt! <3

My Mom shared this picture a few years ago on my birthday of me trying to blow out the candles on her birthday cake when she turned 33. It made me laugh since I am 33 today! Guess I need to find some of my own candles…sorry for trying to steal your wish, Mom! <3

I am off to get my 5k in, then hit up the gym before a two-hour conference that I signed up for. I am excited about this conference. It’s all about online teaching, so it should be really beneficial and have information I can use in my classes.

Happy Friday, friends!

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