Exciting news!! + our little fish + the crinkle face

Wednesday was a little bonkers. I started my run around 9 am, but did not finish it until about 8 pm. We ran nonstop all day. Little man snoozed for a little bit during the first part of my run.

Cooparoo is teething. He just wants all the cuddles right now. i’m not complaining!

Exciting news, I get to do a trail run this weekend! I am so so excited. After talking with my coach and seeing my physical therapist on Wednesday, they both okayed me to sign up. I cannot wait!

We headed to swim Wednesday evening. I love watching this little fish.

Cooper is loving these lessons. His instructor told me he is doing so great because most babies his age cry the entire time. After our lesson on Thursday, they asked me if he was always this content. I told them he really was! He did not get his laidback personality from me…He’s such a chill baby. They said he could get more upset when they start doing more difficult things, but that he is doing really amazing so far. We are so proud of him.

This is his new crinkle face. He makes this all the time and just giggles. It is hilarious. I love seeing his little personality come out.

More poke bowl deliciousness for lunch.

We had some playtime on the floor while I knocked out my PT exercises.

I caught Coop mid blink, but we hopped on a Zoom meeting with other Trail Sisters group leaders during lunch.

We had our last day of swim for the week Thursday afternoon.

Coop will do something and immediately look over at me and Jake like, hey, did you see that?!

Wine for mom and prunes for the babe!

Someone is a big fan of prunes. I love this little crinkle face.

Happy Friday, friends!

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