Sentence per picture: making progress + new helmet + in KC…that was rough…

When you are just too excited to run that you cannot get a good picture.

Coop and I knocked out a 45 minute recovery run Wednesday morning.

I can tell I am out of the stroller running shape, but I am trying to slowly get back into it.

I had to get two cavities filled (I’m blaming breastfeeding for them both), so we grabbed lunch with my family after.

I was cleaning up the kitchen while Coop played in his walker, and ran to the bathroom super fast…He was pretty proud that he found me.

We headed to swim Wednesday night.

Coop tried to crawl back into the pool after his lesson, ha, he really loves the water.

Thursday morning started with a 60 minute endurance run – Coop didn’t sleep great Wednesday night, so I was pretty tired, but we ended with almost six miles for the day.

We finally ordered Cooper a helmet – I think he is going to love it!

Jake went to Kansas City on Tuesday for a safety conference and a lineman rodeo that is this weekend. Cooper and I joined him last night. it was our first solo road trip. Coop screamed the entire drive up there. He never cries, so it was pretty brutal. Extra sentences for this one because it was a rough drive. We took a nursing/cuddle break and I’m not sure which one of us needed it more.

Cooper also had some root vegetables on our drive, I was hoping having a full belly would help him be more content in the backseat by himself. I was wrong. Eventually, I drove with one of my arms stretched into the backseat to rub his head for about 25 minutes. He finally fell asleep.

We just had breakfast at the hotel, and are going to get ready to head over to the expo to hang out with Jake and the other guys.

Happy Friday, friends!

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