When workouts don’t go as planned…

I’m sure you’ve all been there, you’re excited for a workout and ready to crush it. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. Whether the weather doesn’t cooperate, you have a sore/tight spot that won’t go away, your energy is zapped, or your mental game just isn’t there, bad workouts happen. I’ll share a few of my latest:

The run when the sun is shining and it’s a little windy – my FAVORITE running conditions, by the way! But then out of nowhere, a downpour. I was then stuck trying to decide if I turn around and run the 3 miles back to the house, or keep going and finish my 7 mile loop. I was soaked when I got home, oh, and the rain had stopped half a mile from home! 


Or the time you were so excited to row that you rowed away all the skin above your tailbone? Yeah, that one hurt – I’ll spare you the picture! 


Or how about the HIIT workout you wrote up that you’re super excited to do, but as you start warming up, you have ZERO energy. I think I made it 6 minutes into the 45 minute workout before I just laid down on my yoga mat. I think Jake found me like this in the driveway…


And probably my worst workout fail – tripping over NOTHING on the Galloway trail and sliding across the pavement on my elbow. Not only did I scrape some skin off my elbow and knuckles (not really sure how that happened…) but I also broke my watch! Luckily Jake was there to make sure I was okay before he laughed at me. I can’t seem to live this one down, though, because every time we run over that spot (I swear there’s a raised portion) Jake always warns me. Eye-roll. 


Workout fails happen. We just have to accept it and move on, being ready to start fresh the next day! 

Happy weekend, friends!

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