Rest day!

TGIF!!! I am so thankful it’s Friday. We are ONE week away from Spring Break and I cannot wait! I plan to spend the week working on homework, organizing our office, and preparing for a garage sale. This garage sale has needed to happen since this fall…which is when I started going through stuff. Whoops!


Today is my rest day, which I needed. This past week had one of my longest runs lately (1o miles on the treadmill at an 8:09 pace), and then a run every morning before work. Last night, I could really tell that my body needed a break. Jake had a KILLER workout that consisted of a 2 mile warm-up (we ran to the Y from our house), six 800s, and a 2 mile cool-down (2 miles back to our house). He dominated the 800s while I walked around the track…I just wasn’t feeling it! I really hated not running, but I’ve learned it’s so important to listen to my body. I still got about 5 miles in, so I know my rest day today is much needed! ​Current favorite mid-morning snack: coconut yogurt! I like the different flavors, but Jake prefers vanilla. 


I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow, followed by 75 minutes of hot yoga. I’m looking forward to both! I’m hoping both of those will make me feel better about the whiskey fest for women that I am going to Saturday afternoon! Whiskey is one of my favorite spirits, so I can’t wait to taste and learn more about different kinds. 

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