Sunday Funday.

Sunday is probably my favorite day. I slept in a little, had planned on running and going to yoga, but my body felt worn out, so I used yesterday as a rest day and just worked around the house and tried to organize the mess that will be my garage sale. Jake did a three hour trail run early in the morning, so we planned to grab a quick lunch and run errands when he was finished with that. His dedication to training is so impressive to me! When he got home, we went to eat lunch at Civil, which is a super yummy, comfort food, type of restaurant in downtown Springfield. We shared a beet salad, which had goat cheese and pecans (YUM) and chicken tenders with brussel sprouts and flash-fried kale. We try to eat 95% Paleo-ish during the week, so we splurge a little on the weekends. It was rich, but definitely delicious. After lunch, we went to our favorite place, Galloway Grill, and had a Winter Grind. Mmmmm. 


After Galloway, we ran to the grocery store to get food for the week. We are cleaning out the freezer this week, so we didn’t have as much cooking to do! We decided to grab Qdoba while we were out, then go home and relax while cooking and watching a movie. We both got naked nacho bowls, with one set of chips on the side, which we shared. Jake had the new Habanero BBQ Brisket and I had chicken, sans queso on both! They were amazing! We also shared a brownie…not pictured. Qdoba has the BEST brownies. 


We started watching ‘Into the Wild’, but haven’t finished it. I think that’s on the agenda for Monday evening! 


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