Happy Thursday!

I try not to do a lot of dairy, but yogurt is one of my favorite snacks. I love this stuff! It’s super good. Jake likes the vanilla best, but I like the mixed berry. Snuck in some cuddles with Lu during a break from class last night. She was being pretty ornery and wanted me to play fetch with her WHILE I was Skyping into class. Sometimes it’s hard to attend class from home! Aspen slept through most of my class. Ruffffff life for these two! 
We went to Galloway for dinner since I got out of class late. We split a salad and these wings…balance! I couldn’t taste anything, but I KNOW these wings were yummy! They always are. I rocked my new Paradigms and got a lot of compliments – they’re so comfy! I haven’t gotten to run in them yet, but I’m counting down the days. 
Early to bed since I was still feeling crummy, Aspen made sure to give lots of cuddles. <3 
Woke up still feeling kinda blah, but I started the morning early to get some more work on comps in…took a break for breakfast – two eggs and Ezekial toast. Yum. 
Took a brain break to treat myself to Panera’s hazelnut coffee and some Mama Jean’s goodies. 
Since we will be gone all weekend, I wanted to get breakfast for next week made. That way we won’t have to worry about it Sunday night when we get home. On another break, I chopped veggies and threw this breakfast casserole together. Baked it for 40ish minutes on 375. I’ll freeze it and then thaw it back out when we get home. Breakfast for next week  = donezo!
For my next break I ate lunch. I was craving brussel sprouts and beets, so I chopped some up and threw them in the oven (415 for 25 minutes). Luckily, none of this was super labor intensive, so I could still rest while everything was baking. I had a leftover burger with the veggies and it hit the spot! After lunch, I officially got my comps submitted!!! This sickness kind of came at a good time, I guess. I had a lot of downtime to write and I could do most of the writing in bed or on the couch. Now I’m ready to get better so I can stop feeling like a bum! 
Made this apple cider vinegar concoction on the stove to see if it would make me feel any better. I was out of cayenne pepper, so I used chili powder…not sure if that did the trick or not. Jake’s parents got us this new wine to try – it’s made with peppers! I’m excited to try it out once I can taste things again!
Happy Thursday, friends!

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