The countdown is ON. 

27.5 days left of school…18-ish days left of the semester…4 more Qual classes. I am currently counting down EVERYTHING. I feel just like this graphic…each day is an ad! Not that I want to wish time away, I’m just ready to be able to breathe again! So. Close! I know the rest of my teacher friends can attest to this, as well. We got this!
One of my favorite snacks = almond butter. Sometimes I eat it on carrots or an apple, OR I just eat it by the spoonful. It’s just SO good. Over the summer, Jake and I got some Cookie Butter. Holy cow. We can’t get that anymore because we have ZERO self-control when it’s involved…but if you like sweets, check it out! I think it’s called Speculoos Cookie Butter. Trader Joe’s carries it. Love love love. 
Lunch yesterday (and for the rest of the week) was/is roast beef with Sriracha, mustard, spinach, and onion all on a Stacey’s wrap. Mmmm. 
I finally got around to wearing my race shirt from the 15k I did a few weeks ago – it’s huge! Some of my girlfriends said they’re in the same boat. The shirts are ADORABLE, so I will definitely wear it around, I just won’t run in it. 
We knew we wanted Mexican last night – Taco Tuesday, duh! ; ) But we couldn’t decide where we wanted to go – Qdoba, Cesar’s, or Great American Taco. We finally decided on Great American Taco. We hadn’t been there in FOREVER, so we decided it was time. Jake got a ride in while I finished up some homework, then I met him at the restaurant. We always start with guac. Any time you add pineapple to something spicy, I’m going to inhale it. Mmmm. This is the best guacamole ever. Also, they add cucumber to it. I’m not a huge cucumber fan, but on this guac, it’s incredible. I think this is called the Southern California. Try it!! Yes, I ate too many chips. Boo. 
Jake got the special of the evening, which was the Traditional Taco. He ordered two – one with pork & one with chicken. They were HUGE. He ended up not eating the tortillas & was still so stuffed. I tried the pork & loved it!
I got my staple, the Hawaiian Tuna. HOLY YUM. It’s probably one of my favorite meals. I ordered it naked, so I didn’t have a tortilla. Again, they add pineapple to something with spice. Sign me up! 
After dinner, Jake had some running videos he wanted to show me, so we finished up some laundry & then laid down to watch them. This is Anton Krupicka, who is one of Jake’s all-time favorite athletes. He’s a pretty cool dude! We both ate too much at dinner (dang tortilla chips get me every time), so it felt good to just relax. 
Then it was up early for a run – my knee was still bothering me a little, so we only did 2 miles, then came back home to stretch & do some abs. I have class tonight, so I will definitely ice my knee during that. We both had trouble getting up this morning, so we were kind of worn out. We made TWO pots of coffee…I had a cup of regular coffee, then blended up some Bulletproof. 
I need ALL the coffee today – I’m dragging! 
I have class tonight…which I’m trying to stay positive about. I have senioritis (is that a thing at the graduate level?) SO bad. BUT I keep reminding myself that I am SO close to being finished. Here are some pictures from previous class meetings…Lu hates that I don’t give her my undivided attention on Wednesday evenings. She will just stare at me like this. It’s creepy, but cute. 
I got this text from one of my girlfriends (also Jake’s cousin – small world!) asking about a chicken salad recipe – I think this is the same one I have posted under Eats. If you’re looking for a healthy chicken salad, try this one! I have also made it with avocado instead of the Pale mayo. You just have to eat it that day, since it won’t keep as long. 

I’m SO glad you liked it, lady! 

We got a Paleo pizza crust at the farmer’s market last weekend, so Jake is making us pizza for dinner while I’m in class. We will put lots of veggies & a protein of some kind on it. I can’t remember the brand of the crust, but I will post it tomorrow! It’s seriously amazing. 
Cheers to Wednesday! And ALL the coffee. <3 

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