I like sleeping in & eating carbs.

For lunch, I switched out my wrap for half a sweet potato & I think it was probably the best decision I made all day! Holy yum. I topped it with roast beef, onion, and some BBQ sauce. It was to die for. I mentioned in an earlier post that I started doing Intermittent Fasting in order to help with sluggishness throughout the day & more restful sleep at night. This is week 2 & so far, I love it. It’s a process & you definitely have to see what works for you, but I’m enjoying it! I tried to push back the time I break my fast a little Thursday. I started right off with a 16:8 – 16 hours in a fasted state & 8 in a fed state – which is the most common. I would fast from 7 pm until 11 am. I just couldn’t go that long without eating since I’ve been getting up at 4, I was getting headaches & was pretty irritable – hush, Jake! ; ) So, I changed to 14:10 – 14 hours fasted and 10 fed. This has been MUCH easier & now I find myself going a little bit longer fasted than I need to. Thursday, I waited until 11 to eat and I felt good about that! I think I will continue experimenting with times, but if I can work back up to 16:8 consistently, I think it would be great. 
I got all three of my 30 page papers for comps condensed to one or one and a half pages of notes. PHEW. My last task is to condense those notes into 3 PowerPoint slides, one per comp. Soooo, 90 pages with dozens of research articles, into 3 slides. Sure. I will have a two-hour block of time to defend, but I’m only supposed to spend 5 minutes on each slide. Gulp.
We had smoothies for dinner last night & I wanted to try something new, so I found this recipe. I made a version of it & it was yummy!
This is what we had! Totally forgot to add our frozen blueberries – eye-roll. It was a very filling smoothie. If you haven’t had an avocado in your smoothie, try it. It makes it SO creamy. 
Jake & I met at Fleet Feet last night to listen to a panel of ultra runners talk about their experiences with training, nutrition, and racing. It was so interesting! Jake ran there, so I made our smoothies & took dinner with me. Teamwork at its finest!! I even waited until I got there so we could drink them together. (I wasn’t hungry…but I can pretend it was because I wanted us to eat together.) HA!
We don’t have students today, just meetings & a work day. I jammed out to this tune on my way to school this morning. I think I’m going to add it to my playlist for Saturday’s race! My playlist is definitely a cluster…there’s some rap, some country, some hip-hop, some old school tunes, you name it! I’ll post some of the songs after my race! If you have Spotify, it’s called Go Girl Half. 
I found this graphic on Instagram & absolutely loved it! This is something I struggle with during races, so I need this to be my mantra. 
Jake & I are going to pick up my packet when he gets home from work & then we are going to do some serious carb loading!! We are leaning toward Nonna’s or Bambinos…can’t decide which one! I’m pretty pumped! Then it’s early to bed to get some good sleep before Saturday! 
Cheers to Friday! 

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