Nose bleeds, encouragement, & floor chats!

Lunch yesterday was DELISH. Roast beef, spinach, onion, pickles, mustard, & Sriracha on a whole wheat wrap. Plus some coconut yogurt, protein chips, & a little chocolate granola. Mmm. 
Jake always knows what to say to make me feel better. Also, only the MOST supportive boyfriend ever would go out of his way to make sure he is at the start of your race. He needs to get in a hard, hilly 20-mile run Saturday morning, so he is planning on running from our house to my race. He is getting up at 3 AM to start his run at 4 AM, just so he can make it to the starting line with plenty of time. Trust me, I tried. I already told him that that was NOT necessary – the finish line would be more than enough – but he is adamant about being there to see me start. His support means the world, but I think he’s a little crazy. <3  
Sorry if this is TMI, buuuut – I’ve been getting nose bleeds since I was a little girl. They just start out of nowhere! Pretty used to shoving some kleenex in my nose & going on with my day. Luckily this was during lunch & I didn’t have kiddos. That has happened before…you definitely get more attention from your students when you’re in the front of the room bleeding. ; )
While I was in class last night, Jake was cooking up a storm. This goodness is what I came out to. HOLY HECK. Paleo pizza crust (I forgot to look at the brand – Jake might remember!), goat cheese, tons of veggies, chicken, & egg. This pizza was AMAZING. It was perfect. 
He also made us a super yummy salad! This dinner was the BOMB. 
These two…just cuddling a little. 
This gal – never stop quoting Mean Girls to me. Also, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. Cassie has been one of my best friends since our freshmen year of high school. 14 years! Woah. 
Woke up to get my last run in before my race Saturday. Lu was wanting some cuddles, so I drank my BCAAs on the kitchen floor so we could hang out. She’s SO loving in the mornings…mostly because she wants to be fed…but I will take what I can get! 
Jake did a riding workout this morning while I ran – there is always a bike inside our house. We are going to a talk later at Fleet Feet put on by a panel of ultra runners. Jake will run there from the house & I will meet him with a change of clothes & dinner. Our lives are all about team work! 
That red light up there is my favorite cyclist!
My failed attempt at a running picture – I assure you I am nowhere near this fast. I just suck at time-lapse pictures! Haha!
Nice & sweaty this morning! I had ZERO knee pain, which made me so relieved. I was worried I would have to deal with a tight knee Saturday morning. Fingers crossed! 
I got 4 in this morning, with a half mile cool-down & felt really good. The weather was PERFECT. 
I ran in my Altra Torin 2.5s & will wear my Altra Escalantes to school. Altras for every occassion! 
After these two have been fed, they go right back to sleep. Pretty rufffff lives! 
My little sidekick – she follows me everywhere. Then usually falls asleep. 
I have to brag on this lady a little bit – she hit 3k all-time miles! So dang impressive. Jordan, you’re so awesome! She’s going to be in town next weekend & I can’t wait to get some miles in with her on the trail. I wish she lived closer so we could run together more often! 
We don’t have students tomorrow, just some meetings at school, so today is KIND OF like my Friday. Woo! We are getting closer & closer…
Happy Friday Eve, friends! I hope everyone can get out & enjoy the sunshine today! 

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