Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday started out with some meetings at school, then I grabbed a late lunch from the Mama Jean’s market on Battlefield before comps. I loved this coffee sign!
I picked up lunch & took it over to my parents’ so I could have complete silence (no dogs) to defend comps. I sat out on their porch & ate/relaxed a little before I got ready to defend. I love this little area! 
I had the most amazing sandwich with ham, sweet potato, cheese, & jalapeno honey on it. So good. Also some Salt & Vinegar chips. Aaaaand part of an espresso brownie. 
Then I got all set up to defend – I had from 1-3 to complete my defense with my dissertation committee. I Skyped into a room I had reserved on campus in Columbia & my four committee members all met there. After I finished defending, about an hour and 45 minutes in, they hung up and me to chat amongst themselves. This only lasted about 5 minutes, but it definitely felt much longer. They called me back & when I answered, they were all cheering & clapping. I PASSED! ​I am now officially Chelsea Dorman – ABD (All but Dissertation). Getting close!
I went upstairs to tell my Mom & we had a celebratory drink! 
Then I met Jake at home to go get my packet for my half Saturday & get dinner. He was pretty excited about his Altra collection – they’re our favorite shoe! 
We grabbed my packet, talked with some friends, & then went to Nonna’s for dinner. I think this bread & dip concoction is my all-time favorite. We usually add balsamic to it, which makes it even better! 
We shared a salad & then chowed down on this goodness. Jake had the spaghetti & I made up my own meal with gnocchi, chicken, mushrooms, & garlic. They both were incredible. 
Our friend Sanya was having a birthday get together at Hotel Vandivort, so we stopped by to say hi & have a drink. We, of course, took a selfie in the bathroom – you HAVE to! 
Then it was home to get ready for my race & Jake’s LONG run super early Saturday morning. 
I almost missed my race because I turned my alarm off – WHOOPS. But I managed to get downtown in time to get a short warm-up in & find these pretty ladies. Jake also got there about the same time, so I was excited to see him before I started. 
Jake found me during the race a couple of times & he even ran with me for two miles. I loved it! 
I PR’d on this half & it definitely tested me. I have a hard time pushing myself when something hurts, so this race was a really good learning experience for me. I pushed myself harder than I ever have in a race & it paid off. 
This was the last half I did, which was in May 0f 2016 when we were in Chicago. I finished in 2:00:48, so I knew I wanted to try for sub 2 hours this time around. I finished Saturday’s half in 1:49:40! 
After our runs, my family took us to Early Bird. Mmmm. Jake got the breakfast burrito & I had the Gus Gus, which is my favorite. It’s an omelet with asparagus, ham, feta, and hollandaise sauce. I couldn’t eat much at breakfast, but I ate the rest of my meal about 30 minutes after we got home. 
We napped out in the shop for a little but, then headed to Mother’s for another friend’s birthday gathering. The weather was perfect & it was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon! 
After Mother’s, we rode our bikes & met some more friends at Galloway for dinner. We just wanted to stay outside as long as possible! 
The weather = absolute perfection. 
We had both wanted to get up early & run Sunday, but it was pouring & we were feeling a little lazy. We ended up watching a documentary about an incredible ultra runner – Nikki Kimball (it’s on Netflix, Finding Traction – check it out), before starting on all our Easter stuff. The documentary was awesome. Very inspiring. I think our furbabies liked the extra morning cuddles – I know I did!
We headed over to my parents’ for mimosas – my Dad was working on something crafty, like always! Then we headed to Highland for a SUPER YUMMY Easter brunch. We ate entirely too much. 
Happy Easter from us! <3
I think Lu had a little too much fun at Grandma & Grandpa’s…
We left my parents’ & went to the grocery store – I cooked for the week & did laundry. I decided not to run and use Sunday as my rest day. Jake ran 10 miles to his parents’ & I met him there for dinner. It worked out perfectly. We had all of this amazing-ness at their house! 
We are seriously the luckiest people in the world to have neighbors like these two. Ashleigh brought over an Easter basket FULL of goodies & she wrote this card, which definitely made me tear up. So thankful for their friendship! <3 
We picked up a new whiskey to try, so we had a glass of it last night. We both loved it!! 
Ash gave me a charcoal mask in my Easter basket, so I decided to try it out! I didn’t tell Jake what I was doing, so I scared him a little after I put this on. It was awesome! Also, the mask was incredible. Nothing like a little whiskey & a face mask on Sunday evening. 
Jake thought it was funny when the mask dried & I tried not to move my face. I’m glad I entertain him. Eye-roll. 
Our menu for the week. This week is pretty busy, but we have LOTS of fun stuff planned! 
I got up to run this morning. I’m obsessed with my Feetures socks. They’re my favorite. And my Altras. Love love love. When my alarm went off at 4:15, it was pouring, so I decided to go to the Y. By the time I was leaving, the rain had stopped, but since I had already made my mind up about running on the treadmill, I decided to hit up the Y anyway. 
I got 5 miles in on the treadmill & felt really good. I was planning on 6, but my hamstring was a little tight about 4.5, so I stopped at 5. The Boston Marathon is today!!! I can’t wait to watch part of it. 
I got home from the Y & decided to do a little foam rolling. My legs are still pretty sore from Saturday. I didn’t get much rolling time in, but I will roll again after school. Overall I am feeling pretty good! 
Aspen needed some extra love this morning. <3 
Some Bulletproof coffee to start the day! 
I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! 

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