Runner’s high, eating out, & concerts!

The pictures from my half last weekend were released yesterday. I’m still on such a high from that run! I learned a lot from that race & I’m excited to sign up for my next. I can definitely push my body further than I thought & hard work 100% pays off. While I still have areas I want/need to work on & improve, I crossed the finish line last weekend knowing I had really pushed myself, which hasn’t always been the case in the past. I didn’t like being uncomfortable, so I would stick with paces that were comfortable & didn’t hurt. If I wasn’t excited to see improvements & results, that would be just fine. BUT I love looking back on races & seeing improvements. Each time I see these improvements, I’m pumped & ready to push even harder the next time. Jake is a huge support system for this & he pushes me even when I don’t want to work any harder. I only roll my eyes at him on 32% of our runs. Multiple times. <3 
Ashleigh wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so we moved our double date to another night. I hope she is feeling MUCH better. She gave me this shirt in the Easter basket she brought over (yes, she’s awesome), so I decided I should break it out last night in her honor. She & her amazingly talented sisters created these shirts & I just LOVE them. Ash actually wrote out the phrase, “My mascara runs faster than you”, with actual mascara! I’m not very crafty, so I am always SO impressed by people who are. Thanks for my shirt, lady! I LOVE it! 
Jake & I decided to still eat out since we didn’t have food prepped & were feeling a little lazy. We couldn’t decided between pizza, wings, burgers, or sushi. Pizza eventually won because we wanted to go The Pitch again, which is a new restaurant on Sunshine where Panera used to be. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it! They use local produce & and the pizza crust is made using a flour that is imported from France. The crust is to die for. Seriously. Our favorite place to sit when we eat out is at the bar, so that’s what we did last night! Cheers! 
We started out by sharing this arugula & pine nut salad. That’s an avocado ranch dressing. It is delicious! 
We both are very passionate about good wings. The Pitch has an awesome happy hour, which includes half off apps, so we decided to try these bad boys. HOLY YUM. We got the raspberry chipotle & it did not disappoint. Brian, the owner, said they smoke these wings for 6 hours, then put them into the pizza oven to make them fall off the bone. That’s EXACTLY what they did. We were both a mess by the time we finished eating these. Oh, and The Pitch has the BEST ranch. I hogged it all…sorry, Jake! 
I was too busy enjoying my pizza to take a picture of the whole thing! We got the Spicy Creole, which has a spicy creole sauce, house-made sausage, peppers, & cheese. Also, look at that crust. It’s my favorite. 
When we got home, I caught this guy trying to be sneaky about his sweet tooth. 
Then I remembered that I had gotten a variety of chocolate bars from Mama Jean’s, so we shared this one. It was super yummy! We are going back to more strict Paleo on Monday, so we have to eat up the sugary stuff ASAP. I don’t mind at all!! 
These two goobs sleep 24/7. 
Jake got called into work around 4 am, I think, & I heard it raining & I guess turned my alarm off? Who knows. Sooo I woke up late & had 20 minutes to get ready, cook breakfast, deal with the girls, pack running stuff, & get to work! I managed to do all of that AND make coffee – which I wouldn’t be able to function without. I made an egg scramble with 3 eggs, spinach, onion, turkey, & ham. I topped it with salsa after the picture & totally ate it in the car. I didn’t pack a lunch because I was craving a smoothie, so I will grab one during my lunch time. 
I also mixed these two goodies together to have something to sip on after I ate my egg scramble. 
It doesn’t look all that appetizing, but it tastes AMAZING. Chocolate & PB? Yes, please! 
If Jake gets off work early, since he went in so early, we will run together when I get home from school. If he doesn’t, I will run on my own. Then we are meeting my parents for dinner before the BEACH BOYS CONCERT tonight! Yay! I can’t wait. I have seen them once before & had a blast singing along to old tunes. My Dad used to sing their songs to me when I was little as he put me to bed, so I have so many fond memories of them. 
We have a busy weekend, if the weather cooperates. We both want to get a long run in Saturday morning, then maybe stop by Rock’n Ribs for a little bit that afternoon. On Sunday, Jake has a mountain bike race called OMBA Caramba – come to Sac River & check it out if you’re free Sunday! We will be out there all day enjoying good company. 
I hope everyone has a relaxing, enjoyable weekend! 

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