Meal-prep Monday & Tandem Tuesday!

This was lunch yesterday! I was in a rush, so I just threw some stuff together. Sometimes these are my favorite lunches. Turkey, ham, hardboiled egg, a Halo, & a Sriracha/mustard mixture. Mm.
I got home & did some major meal prep. I feel like chopping veggies takes the longest, so I wanted to get everything chopped for the week. We have mushrooms & onions for our breakfast scrambles (we add spinach, too), peppers for snacks, beets & brussels for Jake’s lunches, & I got our Wednesday & Thursday dinner prepped – it just needs to be thrown in the oven! I love being able to get all of this stuff finished ahead of time. I think that’s something I’m looking forward to the most for next year. 
The recipe for the spaghetti squash casserole (picture on the right) is under Eats! It’s amazing. 
I did a little cleaning, then decided to have a snack & read outside. Princess Aspen kept me company. <3 
We had sweet potato & steak nachos for dinner! This is another recipe under Eats – super delicious. 
Mmmmm. SO yummy. I like my sweet potato chips kind of burnt…
Our babies were pouting about not being able to sit with us in the kitchen. Spoiled rotten. 
Please excuse our EXTREMELY MESSY garage – we are in the process of going through stuff. BUT, look what we got!!! A tandem bike! We picked it up last night & have been brainstorming about all the awesome things we are going to do to it. I think it needs sparkly ribbons! ; ) We rode it around a little last night, but not for very long. For those of you that know my latest struggles…I didn’t fall off! Ha! It’s a little scary not being able to see 100%, but it was fun!.
Ended the night by sipping on some dandelion tea with honey, watching New Girl. Yes, please!
Had a SUPER terrible run Monday afternoon, like, bad bad BAD. So, I woke up & tried to think positively. I got 5 miles in – my cool down was separate, & I felt really good! My knees have been giving me some fits, but I spent awhile rolling after we ran, so I’m hoping that helps. 
Foam rolling & a super yummy recovery shake with this goodness. Love love love. 
Breakfast this morning! 3-egg scramble with onion, spinach, mushrooms, and some yellow pepper. Jake whipped this up for us & it was INCREDIBLE. 
Currently OBSESSED with this song. So good! 
If you are looking for comfy pants/leggings, check these out! They’ll change your life. Seriously. There is a link to the site in the picture on the right, too. They come in ALL different colors. I just ordered more…they have a cute zipper along the outside, too. I just love them!
Cheers to Tuesday, friends! Get out & enjoy the beautiful sunshine! 


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