Coffee date, yoga, & 17.5 days!!

Jake got called into work Wednesday morning at 2:30 am. YUCK. He then worked in the cold rain, climbing poles, for hours. Poor guy. I’m so proud of him. He never complains. Ever. I would probably sit in the work truck & refuse to get out…I hate being cold & wet. I’m kind of a baby…but he isn’t & he’s amazing. While I hated that he had to go to work so early, I loved getting to grab coffee with him during my lunch break! We met at Coffee Ethic to grab coffees & chat. 
So sick of the rain, but still smiling!!
I didn’t run yesterday – I’ve been having some knee/stuff (story of my life, lately), so I decided I needed some hot yoga in my life. I changed & got ready to go, but all I really wanted to do was take a nap. I think the weather yesterday was making me SO tired. Well, I got to the yoga studio about 10 minutes before class started & made the mistake of laying down on my mat & closing my eyes. The next thing I know, class is starting. I had totally fallen asleep. Out cold. Whoops! I was kind of out of it for about the first 15 minutes of class because I think I was still trying to wake up. The room was just so warm & toasty – it put me right to sleep! That was definitely a first…
During yoga, Jake got called back into work, poor guy.  I went home to heat up dinner & relax. All I had to do was throw the spaghetti squash casserole into the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Super simple!
I got this text from Jake as I was getting dinner ready. He’s so sweet & always makes sure to tell me he appreciates me. <3
I ate dinner on the couch, while watching a little Netflix. The weather was SO gross. I was glad to be inside & cozy. Definitely feeling sympathetic for Jake working his tail off in the cold drizzle. 
Lu always sits in Jake’s recliner when he’s gone. Um, Mom. I’ll have some of your dinner! 
I was craving sweets ALL day yesterday. ALL. DAY. To try & not cave, I had some tea with honey in it….read below to see if that worked…eye-roll.
Totally didn’t kick my craving….I also decided a little glass of whiskey was in order. Wednesdays are hard! I had two small pieces of the candy bar, so I at least controlled myself & didn’t devour the entire thing. Jake…don’t say a word! ; ) Also, my throat was a little sore, so I needed the whiskey to soothe it! ; )
Then it was early to bed with LOTS of furbaby cuddles. 
Up early to run. These are my favorite socks…I did laundry last night just so I could wear them again this week. I need a few more pairs. 
It was perfect running weather this morning. I love when it’s a little chilly when I start my run. My hip was hurting about mile 5, hence the face, but I stretched it out once I got home. I plan on stretching & rolling tonight, too. I think my tight hips are what’s affecting my knees. I’d love any input from anyone on loosening up hips! 
I really struggled on a few small hills this morning. Other than that & my hip, the run felt good! 
All the powdery goodness to recover!! Mmmmm. Super greens, a little PB protein (not Paleo), & some vegan chocolate protein powder. Oh, & a little MCT Oil. 
I was running a little late this morning, so I cooked our breakfast, but had to take mine with me to eat at school. 3-egg scramble with onion, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, & Sriracha. My favorite breakfast! 
I sent this to Jake yesterday. That’s a whole lot of like! <3 
As I was eating breakfast at school this morning, a student I had last year came in & gave this note to me. It totally made my day! While I am really excited about next year, I know I am going to miss working with middle schoolers every day. They can be turds, but it’s definitely my favorite age group. They’re just so goofy & sassy. 
Since we workout in the mornings, which isn’t always easy…this is the mantra I repeat to myself when I don’t want to get up to my 4 am alarm. It’s so true. 
Any advice for tight hips? Other than stretching, yoga, & rolling?
It’s Friday eve, y’all! <3

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