My classroom is lit (middle schoolers) & my running buddy is back! <3

We are MAP Testing this week, so schedules are crazy & it’s pointless to try & plan anything. One of my 6th grade classes came into my classroom after testing for about 10 minutes. I ended up just talking to them about MAP & then giving them free time before they left for lunch. I guess one of my kiddos LOVED that because she gave me this note in the hallway after lunch. I mean, being told your class is lit by a middle schooler is a big deal – I’ll take it! Still need some grammar work, too. ; )
I went to hot yoga after school & it was AMAZING. I have to make it a goal to get there 2-3 times a week. No excuses. I realized I had a lot of pink on…
For dinner we had salmon/tuna patties – which included all of this, plus another egg that I added at the last minute. 
And these seasonings. 
I also sautéed some squash in olive oil & coconut aminos. 
It was SUPER yummy! But now our house smells like fish…
For some unknown reason, Lulu HATES pillows. She does this to all pillows. She even does it at my parents’ house! I don’t know what her deal is, but she’s real weird. She finally stopped doing this to our bed, but now I guess the guest room is on her hate list. Eye-roll.
Jake was wrapping the handlebars on his bike, so the girls & I hung out in the shop with him. Aspen was literally sitting on top of me at this moment. Zero personal space with her. 
Then I got some Lu cuddles. 
I’ve mentioned before that this semester was crazy, but I’m SO close to the end! I got this sweet text from my Momma last night & I cannot wait for some relaxing pool time with her this summer! 
My running buddy is BACK! Yesssss. 
Super not happy about having to bundle up…I’m ready for some warmer weather! 
We got 7 miles in this morning. My right leg is still bothering me a little, but I’m just trying to go easy. 
We have started throwing scraps into our garden…I thought Jake would take this out & I guess he thought I would? This is like 3 days worth of coffee & egg shells. He finally took it out this morning…& he only rolled his eyes at me ONCE about it. 
Jake made us egg & veggie scrambles! And we had some yummy pineapple. After I took a picture of mine he told me that I needed to take one of his because it’s prettier. Everything is a competition…whatever! 
But he was right. His IS prettier. ALL the eye-rolls. All of them. 
I talked about these pants the other day, but I’m OBSESSED. I just got another pair…and I NEED a third. The pants & the top are from Roolee. They have some of the cutest stuff! Perfect comfy clothes for a day of MAP testing!
I think we are going on a bike ride with some friends tonight! One of these friends, Keith, is having surgery, so this is his last hoo-rah for awhile. Please send positive thoughts his way!
Happy Tuesday, friends! Enjoy the sunshine! <3 

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