It’s starting, bike rides, & proper hydration…

Tuesday was Day 2 of MAP Testing. I had a phone meeting during the end of my lunch, so I ate some snacks & watched a little Netflix at the beginning of my lunch time. This is one of my favorite snacks! Carrots & almond butter. Yum. I finally contacted a reference librarian at Mizzou to help me find some sources for the article I’m co-authoring. She was AMAZING & helped me so much. Thank goodness – I wish I would have contacted her months ago. Now to read through 50-some articles…
I got this email yesterday & could’ve cried with happiness. I have my last class meeting EVER tonight. EVER. After 10 + years of taking classes, I am going to be finished. It’s a little bittersweet because I love taking classes, but I will NOT miss having homework. At all. This month is full of changes & lots of emotions as I finish the course portion of my education & resign from my full-time job. 
Knowing that tonight is my last class makes doing homework a little bit easier. Just a LITTLE bit. 
If you haven’t heard of Vitamin String Quartet, check them out. They’re wonderful. I play them a lot in my classroom. 
I stopped by Target after school Tuesday to get some bins to pack up my classroom. It’s really happening! Again, another bittersweet moment. I’m going to miss my kiddos SO much & I’ll miss being in the classroom, but I know this is the next step as I work towards my goal. 
We survived our first ever group ride last night & had a BLAST. Thanks, Kayla, for going with us!! Many more rides to come. <3 
Since it was Taco Tuesday, the best way to hydrate & refuel was with margaritas & Mexican! Jake treated us both to a super delicious dinner. He’s the best. We definitely missed Wade (Kayla’s man) last night, but he wants to join us next time! 
Our amazing neighbors have done it again. Ash left these goodies for me in our mail box. This box was FULL of awesome things!! She’s seriously the sweetest person ever. 
I decided not to run today & just do some circuit stuff, so I slept in a little. Well, a lot…I was running a little behind. When I did finally get up, I threw our dinner in the crockpot (Tandoori Chicken), made smoothies for breakfast, got ready for school, & headed out the door! Fingers crossed this is good. I didn’t follow a recipe (typical), I just threw ingredients into the crockpot and turned it on low. We will see! 
Breakfast of champions! Water, coffee, & a smoothie with ALL the best things. <3 
Dear rain,
Peace out! We are officially over you. 
Chelsea & everyone on Earth
No more rain. No more rain. No more rain. 
Happy Wednesday, friends! We are halfway there! 

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