Packing, dinner date, & embarrassing my Mom!

I got my classroom ALL packed on Tuesday & almost everything loaded into my car yesterday before school started. Now to unload it at home & attempt to organize the chaos…I just have a few more things to load up & bring home. Packing definitely went a lot faster than I thought it would. 
I had leftover brown rice noodles/zoodles & chicken for lunch yesterday. It was SO yummy. I’m having this again today for lunch & I’m already looking forward to it. I also just really love food. 
Thennnnn I decided I needed some coffee & chocolate. Whoops! These are our FAVORITE chocolate bars. I only bought one & it’s going to last me until the end of the school year…at least that’s what I’m telling myself…
I took a nap after school, I’ve been SO worn out this week. Jake woke me up when he got home & we got ready for a dinner date with Dawn & Mitch at Maso!
Each couple ordered a pizza to share. Jake and I got a pizza topped with ALL kinds of breakfast goodies – hash browns, jalapeno gravy, sausage, egg, bacon, & light cheese. It was DELICIOUS. Dawn & Mitch got a pizza topped with all kinds of Italian goodies – olives, pepperoni, onion, prosciutto, etc. I didn’t try theirs – I was stuffed, but Jake said both were amazing. 
We always love getting together with these two! Dawn said she took a little swim before dinner, which I thought meant she had taken up swimming. Nope! She had to rescue her cat from underneath her porch right before they met us. He was trapped under there in a ton of water. We felt so bad for both of them! But she still looked amazing, like always! 
I sure like this handsome guy! <3 
Mitch was cracking me up playing photographer after dinner. My eyes disappear whenever I laugh hard at something…obviously. ; )
So ready for sunshine. Come on, summer!!!! One more full week…that’s it! 5.5 days.
My Mom is going to kill me for posting this, but it’s too good not to share. My sister took this a few weeks ago & I’ve been saving it so I could share it in honor of Mother’s Day. These are my Mom’s onion chopping glasses. So fashionable, Carmelicious! (That’s her nickname…she loves it). Can’t wait to celebrate you on Sunday, Momma! Please wear these glasses. <3 
We are riding bikes to dinner tonight, then going to bed early. We have both been worn out this week! We are getting up early on Saturday to do 10 miles on some trail, then Jake has a long ride after that. We decided to host Mother’s Day at our house on Sunday, so we are both excited to spoil the amazing women in our lives! I think we are going to do a BBQ of some kind. It will be a good time! 
Cheers to the weekend, friends!! Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible Mommas out there! <3

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