The start of summer!

Has anyone else tried this stuff? It’s SO good. I usually don’t stray far from water & coffee, but this might just become a regular drink. It’s two servings per bottle, so it lasts me two or three days. The flavor is so unique, but also refreshing. I love it!
Well, here is the last picture of my classroom. I took this right as I was leaving the building yesterday. I don’t think it will really hit me until August, but yesterday was still a strange day. Here’s to new adventures! 
I had a phone conference after school was out for the day, so I rushed home, made lunch, & sat outside for a little bit before that. I’m not sure what that rusty pipe is…but this fruit was delicious! 
Jake came home with some celebratory flowers for me – aren’t they pretty? 
Jake mowed the yard & I finished up his lunches for the week: He’s having healthy Buffalo Ranch Chicken sandwiches, which I made in the crockpot. He has really amped up his training, so we are adding more carbs into his diet. I think he will like this a lot! I’m not doing much prep for my own lunches. I have been so excited to have smoothies for lunch, so I think that’s what I’m going to do this week. I love eating a big breakfast & having a smoothie for lunch. I could never do that at school, so it’s definitely happening this summer! 
We had both been craving a Dark & Stormy, so we got all the fixins’ to make them – they were SO good! Our friends, Plank & Kindal, came over to grill with us, so that was super fun! Kindal is also a teacher, so we were celebrating the beginning of summer, too!
Cheers to summer break!! 
YUMMMM. Jake grilled brats and Cowboy Grillers – which have bacon wrapped around them. If bacon is involved, sign me up! Plank & Kindal brought a salad & veggies. Everything was AMAZING. 
I meant to run before yoga this morning, but definitely turned my alarm off – it’s okay, though, because it’s SUMMER. So I had breakfast & then went to yoga. 
I came home after yoga, did some laundry, had a snack & more coffee, & will go run here in a little bit. Almond butter & honey on toast is my favorite. Ever. 
After I run, I plan to spend the day working on editing manuscripts. It’s going to take some time getting used to not rushing off to work or having homework. I’ve never NOT had homework. I have always taken summer courses, so this is the first time, in 9 years, that I haven’t had a class to take or homework to work on. I kinda LOVE it. 
Happy Tuesday, friends!!! : )


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