BBQs & sleeping in!

This is Lulu’s favorite spot to sit any time I am in a chair. It cracks me up! She usually just curls up into a tiny little ball like this and passes out. 
After a quick breakfast, it was time for yoga! I decided to rock some of my favorite neon pants. These are SO great for yoga. They stay put, so you aren’t yanking them up all the time. I don’t think I could run in them, but they’re PERFECT for yoga. Which I why I wear them all the time… Excuse the crazy hair. I hate when my hair touches me when I’m sweating, which is pretty much all you do in hot yoga, unless you’re me, then you fall a lot, too. ; )
We have been REALLY bad about taking our recycling consistently. It has been piling up for WEEKS and then we spend an hour at the recycling center. It is my goal this summer to not let that happen. I loaded everything up before yoga, then it took me 10 minutes to drop it all off afterwards. Boom. Much better than an hour!
After I took the recycling, I cleaned out the bins, then set them out to dry…in the rain. Eye-roll. So, they went back into the garage to dry and I got started on some more editing. I was starving, so I had a banana and some almond butter. I could 100% eat that whole tub…this paper took me awhile to edit, so I didn’t get nearly as much done on the second one, but that’s okay! I’m ahead of schedule, so I’m not worried about it. Yet. I’m the queen of anxiety, so this kind of stuff always stresses me out. I like things to be done way ahead of time, just in case there’s an issue. 
Then it was time for lunch! My AMAZING neighbor, Ashleigh, told me about these goodies awhile ago and I have been buying them every since. They’re so perfect when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to mess with cooking my own beets. If you like beets, try them out! 
I threw together a bunch of stuff and called it lunch. Beets, spinach with Jake’s Buffalo Ranch chicken on top (thank for sharing!), Nut-Thins, and pickles. It was amazing. 
This goof-ball took my phone and took this, so I’m posting it to embarrass him (which doesn’t really happen…). BUT he has some AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME news to share with everyone tomorrow!!! He is one of the hardest working men I know and I couldn’t be more proud of him. 
We went to a BBQ at Alex’s house last night. I busted out this shirt from a spring break trip I took with some teacher friends. This brewery is in Austin, TX and it’s incredible. I sent this picture to one of my besties, Katie, who would also be at the BBQ. Her response: I’ll wear mine! She gets me. 
We will never stop matching! 
Meet the grill master of the evening, Alex! We went to high school together and he’s still one of my closest friends. He can’t get rid of me, which is what he threatens to do all the time. Eye-roll. 
YUM. I ate ALL of this. Happily. Everything was absolutely perfect. 
We also finally got to meet this angel!! Lucy, you’re the sweetest and I want you to come live with us. Just ask your Mom! ; ) She was all tuckered out from playing with Alex’s dog, Charlie. 
I had some trouble sleeping last night, so I slept in, which means I’m starting my run later than I wanted, but that’s okay. I broke out my FAVORITE pair of Feetures! socks, so that’ll help. 
Some pre-run fuel – I’m shooting for a longer run. I usually run on an empty stomach, but I woke up hungry, so I thought I’d eat a little something. 
I’m meeting Ash, my neighbor, for lunch today and I can’t wait to catch up with her! It’s been WAY too long. Then it’s back home to edit a little more. I’m loving this sunshine!
Happy Friday Eve, everyone!!! I had to really think about what day it was…

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