Busy Tuesday & grilling

I have never been very good at yoga. My flexibility is not great & every time I would go, I would get frustrated & just stop going. I’m not very patient…BUT, I have been been going for about a month now, 2 weeks consistently & I’m seeing SMALL improvements! I’m also slightly addicted. I also think it’s helping my running – win-win! <3 And yes, we like wine. ; )
Currently obsessed with these two songs. They’re the perfect summer tunes. 
After I ran & went to yoga, I got groceries, then worked around the house all day. I got Jake’s lunches all prepped – Paleo BBQ Chicken (with wraps – not Paleo) and Sriracha Garlic broccoli. Mmmmm.
Jake had a MORC meeting last night, so I made some quick snacks for them, too. These were definitely not Paleo. Buffalo Chicken Dip! 
Chocolate chip cookies. (I ate a spoonful of dough….I couldn’t help myself! Cookie dough is a weakness.)
I also chopped up lots of veggies – some for the meeting, which they had hummus with, and then the rest for us for the week. It was a productive food day! 
Jake got home from work & immediately left to go on a training ride. We have decided to start going for a one to two mile walk every evening with the girls, so I started dinner so we could eat early, walk, & then he could be ready for his meeting. We had spaghetti squash & shrimp topped with a spicy marinara & this tomatillos sauce. It was SUPER good & REALLY easy. I just cooked the spaghetti squash, then sautéed onion & garlic with the shrimp, then threw it all together & let it simmer in the sauce until Jake got home. 
Jake had his meeting & I edited a little, then watched some Netflix – it was relaxing! Jake had to be up at 3:45 to meet a group for a long run, but I slept in a little. I had to go Sriracha-less on my eggs because I wanted to run before yoga & I get heartburn if I run after I eat spicy foods. Boo!
As soon as we feed our girls, they pass back out. They have SUPER rough lives. 
I’m not a super competitive person when it comes to racing, so I loved this quote. Running is definitely mental for me & I think a big part of that ties into how badly you want something. Races obviously serve as motivation, but for me, my heart has to be in it or I won’t follow through with the training needed to get to the race. Anyone else feel that way? 
My parents are coming over for dinner tonight. They watched our girls for us while we were out of town last weekend, so we are going to grill for them this evening! I’m going to spend the day working on manuscripts…maybe the sun will come out later!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! 

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