A little bit of a hectic Monday & some Tuesday tangents!

Nothing like waking up to your Internet being down…with a 48 hour deadline that requires Internet access. Happy Monday, right??? After a mild freakout, I loaded up all my stuff and went to B2 to work for the morning. Luckily, the Internet company was able to come by and fix our Internet late afternoon. Oh, and we broke our garage door over the weekend, so the repair guy was coming to fix that, too! We had a busy house yesterday. I got about 3 hours of work in at B2, then went to the store to get groceries so I could prep while I was waiting on everything to get fixed. 
Lunch was just a bunch of random stuff, but it was yummy!
After I ate, I started on prep for the week. Mmmm. All the sweets and beets (thanks, Michelle!). I had never heard them called that until last week – I love it!
Jake requested chicken salad, so I threw that together while the veggies were baking. This might be my new favorite! I added jalapeños and a ton of dill, which Jake loves. It’s SO good. 
Then I threw the chicken salad on some Hawaiian rolls and loaded it all up! 
After Jake got home, we ran errands before a meeting for Singletrack Mind – check it out here or on Facebook. It’s a SUPER fun event that takes place over Labor Day Weekend. They have EVERYTHING (bikes, running, music, food, drinks, sweet merchandise….everything!). When we finished our errands, we finally got to try The Press Coffee and Juice Bar for dinner. HOLY YUM. We shared a salad and a sandwich on a waffle. Both were INCREDIBLE. Check it out if you haven’t!
Then it was up early this morning to run! I caught Lu right in the middle of a yawn…she and Aspen weren’t thrilled about the 4 am wake-up call. 
It’s Torin Tuesday! We got a nice 6 miles in – I love running with Jake. He makes it so fun. I also love that he’s an ambassador for such amazing brands…we get to try out all the best things and see what works for us. Try Torins if you want to run on clouds! <3 
So stinkin’ proud of this guy and his dedication to training. We leave for Colorado next Thursday for race #1!
When you train as hard as Jake does, you get muffins and chocolate milk at breakfast. ; )
Almost finished with this round of editing! I’ve been working on my 6th and final manuscript this morning. Everything needs to be looked over again and submitted by tomorrow evening….so close! It sure is nice having Internet at home again! 
I came across this yesterday and just thought it was cool! Check it out. 
This. This is Jake. His dedication to the things that matter to him is so inspiring. Just being around him and watching him train makes me want to train harder…I’m not even really training for anything right now! I’m just really proud of him, especially after the crazy hard week he had last week. 
I’ve got quite the to-do list for today (which I love!), so I think the day will fly by. I might try and squeeze in some yoga this evening, then I think we are grilling for dinner. Mm!
Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

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