Completed to-do list & disappointing produce…

These two go right back to sleep after I feed them in the mornings. I think Jake has lost his recliner to the little one. 
Yesterday was SO productive! I got my entire to-do list finished by 1, which is the BEST feeling EVER. After our run, I finished a manuscript, then took the recycling. I love how perfectly our recycling bins fit in my car. I had four manuscripts to work on, and I have found that I’m most productive when I take small breaks in-between to work on something else. So, after I finished each manuscript, I would work on something around the house – I mowed the front and back yards, finished laundry, took recycling, etc. It felt good to get so much finished!
Lunch was DELICIOUS. I had a sweet potato with Sriracha and BBQ sauce, and a veggie burger patty. I added a little Greek yogurt with ranch seasoning to the sweet potato, too. YUM. 
I sat outside for a little bit before I went to yoga…then the girls and I watched a little bit of Netflix. Yoga was TOUGH yesterday. 
Guess I should be taking my watch off sometimes…
Ugh. I’m done buying brussel sprouts from Price Cutter. I gave them a second chance, but this is really annoying. The big bowl is what I was able to salvage from the first half I went through. I mean seriously. There were bugs and worms underneath almost ALL of the leaves. I didn’t use to check our brussels this closely…which REALLY grosses me out. 
The perfect dinner making beverage = vodka water with cranberry. Mm.
Our dinner turned out perfectly – Jake grilled the chicken bomb (from Hormann’s) and the corn. So. Good. 
These two…always with the cuddles. I couldn’t move. We accidentally locked Lu outside, so she wouldn’t leave my side once we let her in the house. She has been really bad about digging in the very back of our yard and she doesn’t listen when we call her, so I guess we just forgot! Bad dog parents. 
Obsessed with these tunes right now. <3 
Jake had a 10-miler this morning, I didn’t need that much, so I slept in. : ) I got up and had breakfast with him (just a muffin because my stomach can’t handle a lot of food before a run), and then I went on my run when he left for work. Then I came back home and had this before yoga. Mmm. 
I love that Strava keeps track of all of this – I got a notification about an improvement on the run I did this morning to the same one I had done in January. My run today was a half mile longer than the one in January, that’s why the total times are different. I was confused…typical. 
I love little workouts like this! 
I’m off to yoga, then helping my Mom set up for our garage this Friday and Saturday! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! 

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